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Summer Camp Shenanigans

by HeyItsPip

HeyItsPip a story about some mons doing stuff in a summer camp. it’s just the (unfinished) prologue. yay! I’ll update it when I actually finish
Welcome to Redwood Summer Camp, a camp all about teamwork, skills, and survival basics. Earn badges, all while making friends! Lasts for a month, friendship for a lifetime.

A Noibat skims through her brochure, looking at all the activities. She really wasn't looking forward to this summer. A month cooped up with a bunch of strangers? No thanks.

Shifting her eyes to another child on the train, the Noibat spots a Shinx, a Nidorina, and a Treecko, all chatting about the camp. They definitely weren't quiet about it, too!

Trying to hear them, before she could get any closer, a large wing got in her way. "Nimbus?" The gruff voice of her father, funnily enough, an Altaria, cuts her off.

Predicting yet another lecture, she zones out completely, forgetting about the camp this time.

Meanwhile, the group nearby was having a ball, all chit chatting about what their activities will be.

"Did you hear that we'll go fishing?" One beams.

"Fishing? Yuk. Weaving, carving, sculpting, all things like that sound much better." Another remarks.

"You two are wrong. Survival tactics sound a tad bit more interesting, don't you think?"

As the three bicker, the train came to a sudden stop. The Shinx fell over, the two giggling.

The Shinx scolds them, all while his parents whisk them to a bench, trying to figure out where to go next.

"Acorn! Moony! You guys can go grab some grub, while we figure out everything." The Ampharos hands a few pokedollars to them. Then she looks over to the Shinx. "You too, Casper."

As soon as they took a step into the food court in the train station, they immediately started arguing over what they should get.