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Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction): Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction) Operation: Shellshock Briefing

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat Gambit briefs the team on their first mission, Operation: Shellshock! Includes two new characters, Breach and Glider!
21BBY, Muunilinst System, "Rebound's" Bridge, Operation: Shellshock Briefing

The clones stood around the holotable aboard the Rebound's bridge. All of the ones from the LAAT ride, plus two new ones. One was an ARC. He wore that Phase 2 prototype armor. Essentially, it was just like Phase 2, but it had the fin that Phase 1 troopers had. In fact, the armor reminded Casey of a Clone Commander. What was his name? Colt? Casey didn't recognize the guy, and he knew for sure he wasn't on the LAAT. The other was a pilot. He wore the standard armor of a clone pilot. His markings were grey, and were on his chestplate, shoulderplates, and legplates. His boots were comepletely grey, save for some black stripes. The top half of his helmet, from above his visor, were green, save for two caution stripes going vertically along his helmet. Then, Gambit spoke up. "Everyone seems to be present. Good. Now, before this operation gets underway, I want to introduce our newest members." He motioned to the ARC. "This is First-Sergeant Breach." Breach gave Gambit a nod, and stepped up. "My full identification number is ARC-6799/1540, and I have extensive knowledge of explosives, metals, ship designs, et cetera." Breach stepped back to where he had previously been standing, and the pilot walked up next. "My name is Glider, and from here on out, you lot are stuck with me as your pilot. Hope we don't have any sticklers here. My flying isn't exactly by the book." That earned a chuckle from Kicker, and a smirk from Casey, though it was under his helmet. Casey saw Breach simply shake his head.

"Alright, now that introductions are out of the way, it's time to begin our briefing. Welcome to Operation: Shellshock, boys. This is the facility." Gambit brought his hand to the holotable. Apparently, it was one of those expensive interactive ones. Upon flicking his hand up, a tall building appeared on the holo. It was massive, with several large turret placements. The holo displayed the area around it, showing armed guards and massive walls. "That's not a 'facility.' That's a fortress." Glider muttered. ""Essentially." Gambit replied. "There will be two teams. Alpha and Bravo. Team Alpha will consist of Kicker, Reyna, and Manka. Your job is to take cover near the facilities walls, and unleash hell. Do whatever you need to keep them focused on you." As Gambit explained Alpha's part, Kicker cracked his knuckles, looking excited. "Meanwhile, Team Bravo will be deployed near the rear of the facility. Clanker, Breach, and Casey will be Team Bravo. You're going to infiltrate the rear of the facility while Alpha distracts the guards up front. Your objective is to search for their main computer terminal and to plant charges on the way. That's why Breach is coming along. Killzone, Glider will get the LAAT into a mid-air hovering position to where you have a clear view throughout the facility. Send notifications through the HUDs we've outfitted into everyone's helmets. Give sniper support where you deem necessary, and alert Bravo and Alpha to any incoming threats." The infiltration team looked ready, and Killzone looked happy to be given a job that suited him.

"Remember, there might be security droids, but these are not clankers we're facing. The hostiles are organic. A few trandoshans, mostly humans, though. Alpha shouldn't need to worry about the lizards. Bravo, completely different story. You're probably going to have to tangle with at least one of them." All the troopers nodded or gave their assent in other forms, then proceeded to the hangar. Casey walked there with his teammates, Clanker and Breach. Clanker spoke up first. "So, I hear we'll be taking one of those stealth variants of the LAAT." "Yeah, I heard someone mention that, too." Casey responded. He then looked back to Breach. "Think you brought enough explosives, Breach?" The ARC nodded in response before saying: "I always bring enough explosives."
  1. Formerly Known as Sticks
    Formerly Known as Sticks
    Oh, this is great. I can't wait for how Breach handles Operation Shellshock. Hype!
    Feb 27, 2017
  2. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    Serial Code: ARC-1433
    Rank: private first class
    Name (If Volunteer. Leave blank if not):
    Nickname*: the shiny
    Skills: quick drawing, giving cover fire
    Weaponry/Equipment*: LDT-heavy blaster with bi-pod, dual blaster pistols, 5 sticky explosives, 5 smoke grenade and a grenade launcher attachment to his blaster
    Armor Appearance: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/...0JpECIWGT-ooJNOuUmGhfZWdcIzOkWyoreXXIu_5b-8Iw
    Physical Appearance:like any other clone cadet
    Likes*: A fire fight,the trill of the hunt
    Dislikes*: not having his weaponry
    Reason for integration: his ability to think on his toes and quick trigger finger lead to multiple trooper extreactions

    Er we go
    Feb 26, 2017
  3. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    I'll grab my character from the Rp
    Feb 26, 2017
  4. Dapper_Cat
    @*that* guy Details of what's necessary are in Chapter One in the authors note! Or, if you'd rather, if you can dig around and find the GAR Suicide Squads RP, you can simply fill out the form there and post it on here.
    Feb 26, 2017
  5. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    Can I add a character?
    Feb 26, 2017