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Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction): Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction) Description

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat An introduction and full description of what this Fanfiction entails.
During the time of the Clone Wars, there were Clones placed in near-unsurvivable situations. These Clones survived, unlike the rest of their units, due to their creative thinking and ingenuity. Those Clones were all handpicked by Alpha-18, also known by his nickname, "Gambit."

The variations of Clone Troopers also vary. They ranged from normal clones, to ARC Troopers, even some Republic Commandos. The Suicide Squads in the Contingent were made of Rag-Tag teams. There were no permanent squads. The individuals were picked based on their specialty.

The Contingent wasn't made on a Rank-Based system. Alpha-18 was a Captain, but led the entire Contingent. Squad leaders were chosen pre-operation. Gambit, as well as several other Alphas, led the Contingent from the Venator-Class Star Destroyer "Rebound."

The Alphas themselves rarely went onto the field. Only in operations deemed impossible, even by Suicide Contingent standards, saw the Alphas in the field.

Rated Mature for violence, foul language, blood and gore. Some chapters may be cut out to make it appropriate for Pokecharms. I am also accepting OCs for this. More on them will be mentioned in chapter one.
  1. Dapper_Cat
    Alright, I should be able to squeeze Breach into the Third chapter, before they go off on a mission. I already have the first two written, because this was originally uploaded onto Wattpad.
    Feb 25, 2017
  2. Formerly Known as Sticks
    Formerly Known as Sticks
    Alright, here he is.
    Serial Code: ARC-6799/1540
    Rank: First Sergeant
    Nickname: Breach
    Skills: Extensive knowledge of explosives, metals, and the design of ships, and other related subjects.
    Weaponry/Equipment*: DP-23 Shotgun, sidearm with a grappling hook attachment, various explosives, such as breaching charges, thermal detonators, and EMPs.

    Armor Appearance: [​IMG]
    Physical Appearance: Pretty average, although Breach has two streaks of no hair in his scalp.
    Personality: Breach is very obedient soldier, always following orders. He also can be quite cold, and usually is not much for humor.
    Likes*: Successful detonations, getting the job done.
    Dislikes*: Insubordination, hostiles, walls and doors.
    Reason For Integration (Why they were chosen): Breach was chosen for the Suicide Squad Contingent because of a particularly disastrous mission. He and his squad, known as “Thunder Squad,” were tasked with the sabotage of a Separatist listening post, after the failed attempt of the previous squad tasked with this. It was a pretty standard op that Thunder Squad had pulled off before. The mission was going well, until they came upon they came upon the previous squad, desperately fighting for their lives. The squad decided to assist, despite the direct orders of the Battalion’s commander. The squad was wiped out by the attempt to help, although Breach, the lone survivor, escaped the carnage. He had to survive on the harsh planet of Sarapin, with its extremely hot climate, and lava. Breach was eventually found by a Republic Gunship, and taken back to the base.
    Feb 25, 2017
  3. Dapper_Cat
    @EmperorBumpaDump, Of course! Details will be in an author's note in the first chapter. I'll upload it after I sort through these thirteen notifications I have.
    @*that* guy, Yes. Actually, the original intent of that RP was to get some ideas for the Fanfiction. I've had it planned since that RP started up. If you recall the pilot from the RP, Glider, he'll be in here, too.
    Feb 25, 2017
  4. Formerly Known as Sticks
    Formerly Known as Sticks
    Would you mind if I made an OC? I would very much like for my character to be a part of this, and by the looks of it at this point, you don't really have an... Explosives Specialist.<.>
    Feb 25, 2017
  5. *that* gay guy
    *that* gay guy
    Is this loosely based off the suicide squad Rp that died?
    Feb 25, 2017
  6. Formerly Known as Sticks
    Formerly Known as Sticks
    Ooohh! This sounds fascinating, showing a much darker side to the war. I'm also a huge Star Wars fan, so...
    Feb 25, 2017