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Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction): Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction) Chapter 3: Operation: Shellshock (Part One)

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat The Suicide Contingent heads out on their first mission, Operation: Shellshock! Will they succeed? Will they lose any of their fellow suicide soldiers? Sorry this took so long, I got out of writing for a while.
LAAT/s En Route to Target Facility, Vaynai

Reyna looked over the clone troopers in the LAAT with her. They had only just departed the Rebound, and were now en route to their target, on the planet of Vaynai. "So, what do we know - other than what the Captain told us - about this place?" Breach asked. Casey was the one to reply. "Vaynai, it's a resort world. Large population of Mon Calamari, Bothans, and Nimbanel. All immigrated. Far as I know, though, most of the resorts are owned and operated by humans. The planet's oceans contain a variation of seaweed, which makes a drug often called 'Slick.' Slick can speed healing when applied to wounds or ingested. Slick's major side effect is that it induces a temporary state of euphoric delirium. Therefore, most of it is harvested and sold illegally. Chances are, these bastards have a supply of their own, for profits' sake." Reyna was surprised the Clone knew so much about the planet. "Sounds like you read that off the holonet." Kicker quipped, from behind Casey. "Actually, I... did. Under my helmet, I've got a small visor set up to display information with voice commands. And I can mute my voice from my helmet while it's on. Pretty useful, huh?" Casey replied. Breach seemed to be getting a little impatient, himself. "Can we all just-" The demolitions expert was cut off, as Glider's voice came through the intercom. "Alpha, we're approaching your drop-zone now. Weapons ready. Go, go, go, go, go!" Immediately as the pilot called it, the light turned green, quite literally, and Reyna, Kicker, and Manka made the three-foot drop from where the LAAT was. Since there was a rather large distance, they had a bit of a hike to the walls. As Reyna touched the ground, she noticed her boots sink in to the earth by an inch or two. Slightly muddy terrain, then. The moment the three troopers set off, the LAAT's doors closed and it took off, waiting for them to start their job.

"Corporal, take point." Kicker called, motioning for the volunteer to move ahead of him. Reyna did as the- actually, what was Kicker's rank? He hadn't said, yet. Reyna decided to not worry about it, and moved ahead as he instructed. As she looked around, she finally took in a view of exactly what her surroundings were. As she'd noticed before, the ground was slightly muddy. It was definitely uneven, so they'd probably find places to take cover in their assault on the ground. Even if that option doesn't present itself, she saw trees in which they could use for cover. The commando could probably handle sniper duty. "So, how much firepower do you think they have?" Manka inquired, as they made it about three-fourths of the way to the facility. "Well, like Casey said, they're probably well funded because of 'slick' profits." Kicker began. "Add on to that their likely-hood of being involved with the seppies? I'd say expect military-grade weapons. I'd say turrets, too, but the holo showed us that already. Expect extra surprises, too." "Is it possible we're overestimating them? If they put the credits forward for such high-grade turrets, who's to say they had enough for blasters?" She stated, bringing up the possibility. From her peripheral vision, she saw the commando give a shrug, before replying: "Maybe. But it's better to overestimate your enemy and be prepared than to underestimate them and get your ass handed to ya'. I know from experience. While we didn't see what their blasters looked like, I recommend expecting military-grade ones anyway."

[15 Minutes Later]​

"I have visual on the facility." Kicker reported, from a small hill. He held his DC-17M, currently in sniper mode, and examined the facility. "As suspected, military-grade weapons. And I see slits on the walls. Shit, that means they have concealed turrets along with those big-ass ones." He swore. "If we stick to the trees, we can avoid the heavy turbolasers." Manka suggested. "But then we'd have to fire blindly." Reyna argued. "We don't gotta kill 'em." Kicker stated. Even with his helmet on, Reyna could practically hear the smirk the Commando had. "Just gotta keep them focused on us." He finished. "Ready?" He checked. Upon seeing their forms of confirmation, Kicker took aim at one of the guards along the wall and fired.

[Ten More Minutes Later, with Bravo]​

"Everyone to the front gates! Leave two men behind to keep this area secure!" Casey motioned for Breach and Clanker to follow him upon hearing the guards. "Grappling hooks." Casey called, as he launched his own. It wrapped around one of the turbolaser barrels, and he began to scale the wall.

[Meanwhile, With Killzone]​

Killzone peered through his DC-15X's scope. Casey's team was currently scaling the wall. Two guards were left, but they hadn't- Scratch that. One was heading in Breach's direction. The guard spotted his brother, and aimed- A muffled blast went off. The guard's blaster was cold, but Killzone's was hot. The guard's lifeless corpse fell off the edge of the fortress, his blaster still gripped in his hands. The other guard had been alerted, so Killzone took him down. Bravo finished scaling the wall, and after making sure that they were clear, the three clones went inside the facility. Killzone moved his sights back to the front of the fortress, where Alpha was doing their job quite well. But then a turbolaser battery went off, and the LAAT was smoking. "We have to bounce! The LAAT can't take another hit!" Reported Glider, from the cockpit. But then, the pilot noticed the sniper going for a jetpack. "Killzone, what the hell are you-" Killzone didn't hear the rest as he leapt from the LAAT.

Killzone activated his jetpack and landed on the wall. One of the mercenaries aimed at him, but Killzone knocked away the human's weapon and grabbed him. As another Merc fired, Killzone used the first as a shield. He charged the Merc, and threw his dead comrade on him. He then slung his rifle and unholstered one of his pistols before planting a laser blast in the second man's skull. As another approached with a vibroblade, Killzone quickly disarmed him, then snapped his neck. He crouched down as another laser flew pass where his head was, and fired three blasts from his pistol into three different mercenaries. As ten more charged him, Killzone purposefully took a blast to the gut, and "fell" into the interior of the walled facility.

At the last second, he activated his jetpack and flew through one of the windows. His back slammed into a wall once he was inside, and Killzone could've sworn he heard something crack. As he looked up, he was greeted with a scaly and ugly site. He reached for his blaster pistol as he felt the Trandoshan's claws close around his throat.
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