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Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction): Suicide Contingent (A Star Wars Fanfiction) Chapter 2: Downtime (Day One)

by Dapper_Cat

Dapper_Cat Some bonding time between Casey and Kicker.
21BBY, Muunilinst System, "Rebound" Hangar

So, here they were. The people who, by all means, were supposed to be dead. None of them should have survived. The commando looked down at his rifle, and thought of his brothers whom he had lost on their Op to Ringo Vinda. Without their sacrifice, he probably would have been dead, too. Kicker shook off the thought as one of the clones, Casey, if he recalled correctly, called to him. "Hey, Kicker, right? C'mere a sec'!" The commando obliged, standing up from the crate he was on, stretching his arms, and proceeding over to the ARC Trooper.

"What is it, Casey?" Kicker inquired. As he waited for a response, out of the corner of his eye, the Commando saw the other troopers getting hammocks tied and mattresses set down. I sure hope this one was Casey. He thought to himself. Before he could continue that train of thought, the ARC Trooper replied. "I was thinkin'. In my old legion, we always had someone to watch our back. Someone specific, who we always relied on, always talked to. Back in Talon, we called 'em locker buddies. Anyway, I guess I need a new one, and you seem like a decent guy. Wanna be locker buddies?" This took Kicker by surprise. They all knew equally little about each other, yet this ARC was coming directly to him? He was humbled. "Yeah. I got your back, brother. Count on it." He finally replied, to which Casey offered a fist bump. Kicker returned it, as the two overlooked the hangar. In all honesty, the Conmando still had no idea where he was going to put his hammock.
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