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Pokésonas: Styx (Also Some Story, too)

by YamiVolcarona

YamiVolcarona Styx walked down the streets he knew so well, leading Xenon behind him. He loved meeting new people, and was trying to analyze what Xenon's personality was like based on how she spoke and acted. He looked back and saw her looking all around her, imbibing her surroundings as though she had just arrived in this world and still had that spark of youth inside of her. Maybe she did, but he could also tell that she was much stronger than she looked. From the Aura Sphere she had summoned, he could tell she was at least Level 60. He also noted that she was most likely introverted and slightly naive by the way she gave her personal information out so freely.

He turned a corner and stopped. In the middle of the alleyway, there was a group of three Pokémon: a Granbull, a Beartic, and an Aggron. Styx narrowed his eyes; he knew these Pokémon weren't here for a nice chat. He put his arm out to the side to keep Xenon from traveling any further. She stopped and looked forwards. Her expression changed to that of slight fear, but quickly melted away into confidence. Styx knew that she could read what little Aura he had, and he felt the same confidence she did. The Aggron stepped forward.
"You know that this here's our turf." he said. Styx returned his gaze.
"Why do you feel that it's necessary that you even need to have turf? I mean, you can always come to Refuge, as long as you don't destroy anything on purpose. Come on, Rex, why do you always need to play the tough guy?" Rex looked angry.
"Y'know, I always found your 'Refuge' to be a bit too peaceful for my liking. Always sittin' around, being all 'peace is necessary' and singing Kumbaya. Us Pokémon, we're meant to fight. We were born for conflict! We don't need trainers to tell us that! Jaws, Kelvin, get ready. We've got us some teachin' to do." Rex got ready to charge, Kelvin the Beartic let out a chilling roar, and Jaws the Granbull stretched out his neck and adjusted his jaw. Styx looked over towards Xenon.
"You know what to do?" She nodded. "Alright. Let's go."

Styx ran towards Jaws first and used a super-effective Iron Head, while Xenon used Flash Cannon on Kelvin, knocking both back. Rex slammed into Styx with a Heavy Slam. Styx got almost crushed onto the alley wall, and Rex prepared to use Earthquake. Xenon rushed over with an Aura-infused Bone Rush and hit Rex twice square in the head. He roared out in pain and turned towards Xenon. Her eyes were glowing an intense bluish-white, and Styx used this time to use Swords Dance. He turned to see that Jaws and Kelvin were back on their feet, and decided to take them down for good. He rushed over and dealt another Iron Head, this time to Kelvin. Kelvin was launched back even farther, and Styx could tell he would be out for a few hours this time. He turned towards Jaws, who lunged at him and used Fire Fang. Styx yelled out in pain, and, using his one free arm, delivered a series of Poison Jabs that dealt huge damage. Jaws loosened his grip and fell to the floor. Styx turned to Xenon, who was holding her own against Rex. Rex was worn down, but Xenon was, too. Styx gathered his dark Aura towards himself and released a powerful Night Slash, stunning Rex for a split second. Xenon charged up an Aura Sphere and released it, hitting Rex directly in the chest. He roared and fell to the ground. He looked towards Styx.
"Don't let this get to your head, boy. This won't be the last time you see Team Crag!" Rex flopped on the ground. Styx turned to Xenon.
"That was a very good technique. How long did it take you to perfect it?" She looked back at him. "About seven years. My parents started me young, and it really helped in the long run. You were great, too. Should... should we do something with them?" she said while pointing towards Rex and his crew.
"No, they'll just be even angrier if we move them. Now, shall we continue our little Exodus?"


Here's Styx, my other Pokésona. Here's some random information on him as well.

Name: Styx
Age: 18
Level: 71
Moveset: Iron Head, Poison Jab, Night Slash, Swords Dance
Personality: Highly calculative, Styx would rather find a peaceful way out of a problem rather than battle it out. If a confrontation cannot be worked out, however, he shows his more than capable role in battling due to his old trainer being a competitive battler. He never wants to offend anyone, and will always be reverent to everyone he meets.