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by Takinas

Takinas Humans through the eyes of a Magikarp
Humans are strange. They dwell upon the land like many of the other Pokemon species, but they also have this habit of dropping by the water. They take one look at my kind and decide we are 'ugly'. Have they not considered it is they who are 'ugly' to us? Who is to say what is 'ugly' or 'beautiful'? Is it not all in the eye of the beholder?
The humans dislike us, but they also seem to fear upsetting us?

Why do the sailors throw us back? Are we so undesirable a Pokemon? Could it be that our 'ugliness' is what deters humans from taking us as partners? I have often seen Gyarados among a trainer's repertoire, but do they forget without a 'lowly' Magikarp, it cannot come to be?

Odd. A little girl has approached me. Wait...no, a boy? How strange humans are. It is difficult to tell their young apart. Why on earth does this child follow me? The boy hasn't mistaken me as his mother has he? No! Why are you picking me up and giggling?!

He...he really wants to be my friend? A human...choosing a Magikarp over the starters of his region? A common unlovable fish as useless as me? Humans truly are strange.

But then, I suppose that is what makes them just as unique as Pokemon.
  1. Azur
    This is so sweet and true at the same time. I actually would love to have a Magikarp, but I was never drawn to Water types.
    Feb 14, 2015
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  2. Teapot
    Hey, this is a nifty take on the starter story :) Good job!
    Feb 14, 2015
    Takinas likes this.
  3. DarkangelPit
    Feb 14, 2015
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