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Dragon Ball X: ~Strange, yet stranger.~ Chapter 7

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive It was originally called "Stranger things", but Copywriter issue's. (Not that everything else I was doing wasn't.
“What the hell are you Doing?! You’re waking the entire hotel!” Jack said, As he finished smacking me. “Sorry, I just had a nightmare.” I said, getting off the Bed, “Now the person who wants to kill the governor has nightmares?” He said, as I opened the door and walked out to the Elevator. As I got to the bottom floor, I walked out. As every single person stared at me, I decided to keep quiet and walk outside, sitting on the nearby Bench. “Well, that was..Interesting.” I said to myself, Looking at my hands. While people started looking at me. This time, I recognized some people as the innocents from west City. As I seen them, I quickly made my way back inside the hotel, into the Elevator, pressing the 5th button again, I seen a arm go through the door, as I flinched, I realized that it was just some chubby person playing his game boy, as he walked in, Even more people started flooding the elevator. I tried to stay quiet, but their was one kicky person who Kicked everyone, and as I was being held up because of the sheer number of people in my corner, it hit a spot where NO person--Android ‘Nor man-- should be hit, I let out a Screech, as Everyone started covering their ears. While the shortest person started covering their Mouth, which when the elevator stopped, everyone fell to the floor. As they got up, they started huddling all the way out of the door. I have to say, it was quite funny watching them struggle out of the door. Then as they finished, the 5th floor hit, and I walked out, all the way to my room, which I heard muffled screaming. I walked in, seeing Tomako strangle Jack, I slammed the door shut, and Ninja Kicked tomako, which did Almost nothing, as his hair was now Blonde. I decided to go super android, as my Hair became purple. But instead of pulling the first Punch, Tomako pulled a cheapshot and Kicked me between the Legs. my hair went back to being black, and I fell backward, screaming the way down to the carpet. All I remember then was Tomako dragging Us outside.