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Strakooroo (FAN-mon e.e)

by CombuskenBrazil

StrakoorooConceptFull.JPG StrakoorooConceptBody.JPG
CombuskenBrazil (Sorry for the bad quality. This was my best)
Well, here's the pokédex entries:
X/OR: Earned this title for having two opposite types. Dark and Fight.
Y/AS: The baby generally fight when the enemy isn't so much big or spooky.
If not, hide itself in the mom bag.
[Things that I forgot to write:]
Height: 150cm (What? I don't know how you measures your stuff, but in Brazil, is in cm.)
Weight: 62kg
[The rest was not edited]

Random Curiosity: When they run, they jump too.
This little guy (or girl) is a Kangooroo, ok? Well... I LOOOVE FIGHTING AND DARK!!!

All done in the English class! HO HO!!! The status was in my house.

If you can't see, the informations:

Anti-hero pokémon
HP: 85
Atk: 90
Def: 50
Sp. Atk: 70
Sp. Def: 50
Spe: 85
TOTAL: 430
(That thing in the squared is the Footprint)
For @mishymolly competition!
Hope you all like it! Now, have fun.
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  1. mishymolly
    Its awesome! Thank you!
    Jun 9, 2015