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Story of The Boy Whose Life Had Changed {Season 1/Volume 2}

by _Ziruminous

Flint was walking while dragging his bike along as Cyndaquil was sleeping on the seat. They had both finished their sandwich halves. As he went through the forest, he figured he’d have to look at his map to know where he was going. He took out his map. He was going towards a tunnel that would lead to the docks, and there he would find a ship.

The problem was, there wasn’t really paths throughout Snowpoint’s routes like all the other towns. He went through the tunnel, he saw people around him. They were just tourists, he guessed. As he got out, he looked at the tall grass. Pokémon were definitely going to jump out at him now.

He went through some tall grass. A Smoochum suddenly jumped out at him. Flint was shocked and a bit surprised. The Smoochum smirked. Cyndaquil instantly woke up. It used Ember by itself, effectively damaging the Smoochum. “Hey, I didn’t tell you to-!” Flint was interrupted. The Smoochum retaliated with Tackle. It tackled Cyndaquil head on. It somewhat damaged Cyndaquil. It landed on the ground and used Scratch, making the Smoochum faint.

Flint was pouting a bit, while dragging his bike with his laying Cyndaquil, which was on the bike seat again. Flint was a bit distressed since Cyndaquil just up and attacked without him telling it to. He just sighed and decided to have a little talk, “So, uh, hi! My name is Flint, I’m your uh, trainer..” He introduced himself. Cyndaquil just ignored him. Flint just kept quiet and sighed again.

As they were progressing on, they found a small ice cave. There were many holes in the cave in which Pokémon lived. Mostly Golbats, though. Sneasels and Smoochums were rare. Geodudes, Onix and Steelix were present too, but not in this ice cave, probably. He and Cyndaquil felt pretty cold, but not too cold, Flint had been wearing heavy clothes and Cyndaquil was a fire type, plus it had a literal flaming spine. That oughta had kept it warm.

As they were walking throughout the cave though, they heard some weird scratching noises on the ice walls. They stopped and looked around. Huh. It was probably a Golbat’s screeches. They kept moving on-OH, BUT A SNEASEL BROKE THROUGH THE ICE CEILING USING ICE CLAW. Flint and Cyndaquil quickly got away from the surprising attack. However, Flint’s bike was destroyed, “NO!!” Cried Flint. Cyndaquil rolled its probably non-existent eyes. Flint gritted his teeth, “Cyndaquil, use Ember!” He ordered. Cyndaquil ignored Flint and used Scratch instead. It didn’t affect Sneasel much, so Sneasel used Frost Claw, critically damaging Cyndaquil, as well as throwing it back and it hitting an ice wall. “CYNDAQUIL, NO!!” He dashed over to Cyndaquil.

He protected Cyndaquil from Sneasel’s next Frost Claw which greatly hurt Flint’s back, “AAAAGGHH!!” He screamed in agony. He kicked a chunk of ice that Sneasel broke when it made its entrance. The chunk of ice hit the Sneasel’s head, making it immobile. Flint had time to run away. Cyndaquil took notice of all of this. Flint scurried to the nearest Pokémon center. He got Cyndaquil into a room, and got his own back healed. Yet, Cyndaquil was in a room for a much longer time.

The nurse offered Flint something. He thought he’d give it a shot. He came into the room. “Hey..Cyndaquil...” Unlike how it usually acted, Cyndaquil seemed to feel bad and ashamed, “Please, Cyndaquil...try to cooperate with me...I promise, we could make such a good team...” Said Flint. Cyndaquil looked down for a bit before turning up and having a determined look on its face and nodding.

Flint was delighted. He hugged Cyndaquil. He then asked it if it wanted to learn a new move....

Cyndaquil and Flint were back at the ice cave. The same Sneasel was laying back on the ground. When it saw Cyndaquil and Flint, it began to attack by using Ice Claw, “Cyndaquil, Dodge it!” Cyndaquil dodges by stepping away. Cyndaquil jumped on Sneasel’s back, “Scratch!” Exclaimed Flint as Cyndaquil obeyed. Sneasel wasn’t really affected, so it shook Cyndaquil off its back, and began using Quick Attack, “Cyndaquil, use Ember everywhere its coming from!” Cyndaquil fired an Ember everywhere.

One eventually hit Sneasel. It was super effective! Sneasel shook it off, then gritted its teeth. It began preparing a strong Ice Claw, and charged. It kept running and running until....

“CYNDAQUIL, COUNTER IT WITH FLAME WHEEL!” Exclaimed Flint, as Cyndaquil, began rolling as it soon became engulfed in flames and charged at Sneasel. Both the attacks clashed against a each other but at the end, Sneasel’s Claw was bashed away and Sneasel was thrown away into an ice wall. A critical hit! Flint threw an Ultra Ball, he bought from the PokeCenter. “Come on...1.....2....3...” Flint and Cyndaquil were both chanting.

Later, Flint was standing, looking at the sunset. He looked at Cyndaquil and Sneasel playing. He smiled. “Welcome to the team, guys..” He muttered.

Their journey to Sandgem Town had begun.
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  1. _Ziruminous
    @avae Actually, yeah! In the generator it said Bianca would be his partner, and Skyla would have a crush on him, but I don’t really know about Flint having a love interest. Bianca would be fine. He could meet her in Sandgem like we met Sylvia in the RP.
    Aug 13, 2018
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  2. avae
    Are there going to be other characters to accompany Flint?
    Aug 13, 2018