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Stick pokemon

by HoennChampion

HoennChampion The adventures of a ten year old stick pokemon trainer.
Chapter 1: First pokemon! One day, a boy named Matt woke up on his tenth birthday. Once he realized that, he ran to Prof. Oak's laboratory. The professor then offered him a choice of three Pokémon, Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. Matt promptly chose Squirtle, then the professor introduced him to his grandson, Gary Oak. Gary then chose Bulbasaur, to counter Matt's Squirtle. After that, Gary challenged Matt to a battle. Matt immediately agreed, since it was his first Pokémon Battle! They then battled, and it was a ruckus! "Squirtle, Use Tackle!" "Bulbasaur, Counter it with Tackle!" Ultimately, Matt won, barely defeating Gary. The two then said goodbye to Prof. Oak, And started their journey! They arrived at Route 1, Where Matt caught a Pikachu, Ratata, and Pidgey. After he caught up with Gary, They battled once more. Gary had also caught a Pikachu, but Matt won again! It was getting dark, so the two set up camp and went to sleep.

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