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the 4 legends: steven's adventure: the pokemon frienship

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
we continue the story of Steven's adventure as he battled a team rocket member
Steven: scythe use false swipe!
Steven's charmeleon fainted to the other guy's dragonair, which is at 1 hp thanks to scyther's
false swipe

scythe use sword dance!

come back dragonair, go onix!

after a long battle Steven figured out that the team rocket member was in fact his enemy from kinder garden, Jack!

now he is on his way to the next town
"him...I wonder if I should consider jack as a threat?"
as he reached the town he healed his Pokémons just to get ambushed by a spearow
after the battle his charmeleon evolved into charizard

"my Pokémons are getting stronger" when a man came to him and said "please sir, help me harvest some corn for my restaurant so I can get money for my family, if you do I will give you my tyranitar as a gift to defeat the gym leader" at first Steven hesitated but then accepted.
(to be continued)
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