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Stellé Region: Stelléan Form Audino

by 016_The_Electric_Dream

Spr_Ivor_531.png Spr_Ivor_531_s.png
016_The_Electric_Dream This is Stelléan Form Audino (Electric/Poison.)
Stelléan Form Audino looks very much like the Standard - except it is primarily white instead of cream, with yellow instead of pink. Its tail is purple and its eyes (and cheeks à la Pikachu) are green, the latter being darker. Its two feelers are straighter and floor length; at the end of each is what looks like a glass orb slightly larger than one of the eyes, containing fluid of the same shade as the eyes. (Shiny Stelléan Audino has indigo instead of yellow, cyan instead of green, and a dark gray tail.)

Its base stats are the same as Standard Audino with the Sp. Atk and Sp. Def swapped, and the Attack and Speed swapped. It is 3'07" tall and weighs 70.5 lbs.

LIBERTY Dex: It was brought here from Unova and started living near nuclear power plants. It stores both electricity and radioactive waste for use in battle.

JUSTICE Dex: Its heart reads on a Geiger counter as over 9,000 counts per minute! Thank goodness it holds in all the radiation.

LIBERTY Dex Standard Form: Using the feelers on its ears, it can tell how someone is feeling or when an egg might hatch. (Same as X Dex)

JUSTICE Dex Standard Form: It touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling. (Same as Y Dex)

P.S. The reference to OVER NINE THOUSAND was entirely intentional.