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Stellar Daughter Of Latios And Latias

by Stellar Is A Legendary

Stellar Is A Legendary
Stellar's POV

I sighed as I walked along the lake my wings poked out slightly and I tried my best to hide them I sighed again and unfolded them I flew and towards the forest trying my best not to be seen I landed by a cave and looked up at the sky I let out Togekiss "Togekiss" she called

I smiled "Hi Togekiss" I say "Toge Togekiss" I smiled again "you want to go fly"
"Toge" "Okay lets go"
I start glowing and turn into a latias looking pokemon but I was purple I fly up
"come on" I say Togekiss follows me and we fly up beyond the clouds I laugh in happiness.

-Stellar Is A Legendary
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