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Gaiien Region: Steam-Powered Pokémon: Gekoal, Geysard, and Tiamat (Revised)

by Keleri

gekoal line redo.png
Keleri I wasn’t happy with the original Tiamat, so I redid it! I still liked that design though, so it got an upgrade to its own pokémon.

Gekoal → (lv. 24) Geysard → (Water Stone) Tiamat

#059 - Gekoal (gecko + coal)
Sunbather Pokémon
They can be found on the interior walls of volcanoes, using their sticky feet to climb down to lap at the magma’s surface.
Learnset: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Sticky Tongue

#060 - Geysard (geyser + lizard)
Hot Spring Pokémon
A lazy pokémon that spends most of the day in the sun or soaking in hot springs, it can withstand even superheated steam without being burned.
Learnset: Water Gun, Water Pulse, Scald, Incinerate, Slash, Steam Jet, Poison Fang

#061 - Tiamat (Babylonian deity of chaos and salt water)
Primordial Pokémon
They are rarely seen, preferring to absorb geothermal energy
deep within hot springs. When awakened, they are able to use
incredible and dangerous blasts of steam against enemies.
Base Stats: (80/80/100/100/100/70) 530

Ability: Water Absorb / [Rolling Fog] (Activates water-type environmental effect on switch-in that suppresses light-type moves rather than fire-type, and decreases visibility)

Learnset: Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Firefield, Sea Smoke, Haze, Mist, Overheat, Steam Eruption, Water Hammer, Combustion, Superheat, Fire Spin, Dragonbreath, Autoclave

Notes: Rounding out the trio of opposing-types pokemon, we’ve got the Gekoal line with Fire/Water. These three lines each have three stages with the same BST and a theme based around a gaseous colloid (steam, smoke, mist).
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  1. Aura
    I think this just became one of my favourite Pokemon in the 'dex. I love Tiamat's new design!
    Jul 13, 2018
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