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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 3 Episode 3

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox New schedule! One episode will have analysis, next will not but be longer. According to the schedule, this episode is- (YOSHI VS. LOUIE DELAYED FOR S4)
Quiz: In the world of medieval warriors, these two red knights are top class. Easter: They have cool powerz. Quiz: Like Red Knight, the electric powered Crasher. Easter: And the Warrior, the red clad swordsman. He's Quiz and I'm Easter. And we will be showing you an awesome fight!
Red Knight was walking through the kingdom, when suddenly he saw the Warrior killing many villagers and slaying all the pets. Angry, the Red Knight charged at Warrior, who defended and then countered. Knowing this would be a tough fight, Red brought out his mace.
Red Clad Rumble, FIGHT!
Red Knight unleashed his Thunderbolt attack, as the Warrior defended with the Magic Shield. Red Knight pulled out his bow and arrows, and started shooting at the Warrior. He used his Shield, then rammed into the knight. Red Knight slashed at him, as Warrior slashed with the Longsword. The two clashed and clashed, until Red smashed the Warrior's head with the Mace. The Warrior stumbled back, but then healed with the Potion. Red started firing many Thunder Bullets, which Warrior blocked and blocked with the Magic Shield. Warrior brought out the Brass Knuckle, and punched Red in the face, who was knocked back by the force. Red got an idea, and got out the Lightsaber. Confused, Warrior used his shield, which the laser blade cut in half. Red swung and swung, which the Warrior quickly evaded. Using the Lightning Encasement, Warrior was paralyzed. Stuck, Warrior struggled as Red swung his mace at Warrior, who managed to sneak a sleep bow into Red's leg. Red instantly fell asleep, and fell down on Warrior, and the two were stuck. An hour past, and Warrior was starting to regain control, and started squirming off Red. Red woke up, and glared at the still paralyzed Warrior, and jumped up, and fired his Thunderbolt attack. Using his mind, the Magic Shield worked just in time. Warrior regained his legs, and tried to stand up, only to have his legs smashed into a bloody mush, as he screamed in pain. "NOOOOOOO!!!!!" Red pulled out a sandwhich, much to Warrior's confusion. After eating it, Red grew hulk size/ muscle, and looked at Warrior, grinning. He picked up Warrior and swung him around in one arm, as the Warrior screamed, and was then thrown far, far away, shouting for his mama. (Note, this is not an actual death, but is a KO.) KO!
Quiz: That was a very close fight, but Red was better by a little in each category. Easter: Warrior's shield and magic blocks were helpful, but he must predict the attack, which would be hard considering Red Knight attacks in combos, which god, are super awesome. It looks like Warrior was in for a shock! Quiz: The winner is the Red Castle Crasher.

Next time: You decide!
Will it be,
Ai Ai vs. Kirby. (Who has the better hero of joy, Nintendo or Sega?)
Toad vs. Crobat. (What is the most annoying classic character)