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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Plans

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox A list of the fights coming for Stat Stadium Season 3.
Fight No. 4
Nintendo's flying puffball of everlasting joy, Kirby.
Sega's happy go lucky banana throwing monkey, Ai Ai.
The Happy Heroes fight in Hell, FIGHT!
Fight No. 5
Stat Stadium's very own, Bolt and Screwball!
Stat Battle Royale's prized hosts, Quiz n' Easter!
Mascots Mash Up, FIGHT!
Fight No. 6
Marvel's Heroes of the Future, Hiro and Baymax.
The Dragon Tamers of Disney, Hiccup and Toothless.
Duo Duels, FIGHT!
Fight No. 7
Rovio's furious pheasant, Red Bird.
The Jumping Hero that's not Mario, Redford.
Red Coloured Rumble, FIGHT!
Fight No. 8
The Star Wars Beeping Bot, R2D2.
Amazing World of Gumball's bright bionic boy, Bobert.
Techno Take Down, FIGHT!
Season Finale
The Peanut Popgun Primate, Diddy Kong.
The Chaotix' Chameleon Ninja, Espio.
Right hand Man Melee, FIGHT!
These fights will be coming out in January, February and maybe March. My first new year series, I can't wait for the other 3, one coming January 28th, Pokémon OMEGA AND ALPHA.