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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Episode 6

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Kirby vs. Pacman!!!!!
Screwball: It's time for a battle that I'm sure everybody's been asking for! Bolt: Kirby vs. Pac Man. These two have been rivals for a long time, but the answer has never been answered. Screwball: Which one of them would win a battle??!! Bolt: But, because we can, were answering that question! Who would win a Stadium Match? Kirby- Bolt: Kirby is a pink puffball, and were pretty sure he's only 5 years old. He is nowhere near how old he needs to be, as he was meant to 2000 when he came to Pop Star. Screwball: Even though he looks cute and stupid, well, he is, he's a great fighter, surviving about 50 years and 60 games of defeating evil! He was capable of making it to Super Smash Bros, were he became one of the first few veterans, along with some others, like Mario, Link or Captain Falcon! Bolt: Kirby has a great ability to copy an enemies powers by, while, swallowing them. Then, for some reason, the enemies come back again. Probably reincarnation. Screwball: Some of these include the Ryu Kirby, the Steak Kirby, the Barbecue Kirby and the Pool Kirby! He even can become Scorpion Kirby! Bolt: What he really means is Fighter Kirby, Fire Kirby, Cook Kirby, Water Kirby and Ninjaa Kirby! Screwball: Some of them seem useless, like Moss and Tai Kwon Do, but they are useful! Sometimes! Bolt: It's Grass and Uppercut, Screwball. Screwball: That's my name! Don't wear it out! His two most copyrighted ones are Ness Kirby and Link Kirby! Also, he can fly! With Plane, Bird, Wind and just by puffing himself I and out! Bolt: It's Wheel Kirby, Sword Kirby, Jet Kirby, Wing Kirby and Tornado Kirby! Kirby doesn't always rely on power ups, though. He can punch, kick, turn into rocks, has his own sword, and hammer! Each come out of nowhere. Screwball: He's even survived a huge planet explosion! He's that strong! He's pretty fast, too! But, his two most powerful weapons are the Warp Star and Mike Kirby! Bolt: With the Warp Star, he can fly to anywhere he wants, and when he hits the ground- Screwball: BOOM! Blows you right off the country! From China to Canada! Bolt: That's not possible. At all. Also, when flying, Kirby normally goes to space. But then again, he's survived it. In every game. He can breathe in space. How exactly? I have no idea. Anyways, the Mike Kirby is a 2 second long power up, but's it's every second worth it. Screwball: Yep! When he rocks, he kills everything on the screen! Except himself! Still, it's powerful! You don't wanna mess with the tough puffball! Kirby: Hoyahhh!!!!! (Blasts Sectonia with the red mega blast) Pacman- Bolt: Pacman is known for being one of the first video game characters, and is also dubbed the "King of the Arcade". Screwball: Pacman is a good strategist, and seems to like fruit! Why? Chocolate is better for you! Bolt: No it isn't- Screwball: He was a pretty nice guy in Pacman, but then in Pacman 2: New Adventures. Jeez, what an asshole. Kicking Puppies, hurting his wife..... Bolt: I'm not sure- Screwball: Anyway, Pacster has been able to survive dangerous attractions, ghosts and other monsters. Some of his talents are making the ghosts fight for him, being very athletic, and shooting out power pellets from his mouth. Not much else. Bolt: Actually, there is one, but we call him Power Pacman. Pacman absorbs all of his Power Pellets and becomes giant and his old yellow sprite self. Pacman: Ghosts are real, I'll prove it! Bolt: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's settle this debate once and for all! Screwball: It's time for a Stadium Match!!!!- Pacman, let's call him Pac, was walking down the street, grumbling. Another crumby day at the arcade. He spotted a pink puffball with stubby arms and legs. Pac: He must be an imposter! Pac summoned 4 ghosts and ordered at Kirby, who ate them whole, and giggled. Pac: That's it! FIGHT! Pac launched 5 pellets at Kirby, who looked unaffected. Pac sent 20 pellets, and Kirby was hurt a bit, but then just tried to fly away. Kirby then swallowed a nearby fire ball, and became Fire Kirby, who shot multiple flames, as Pacman yelped from being burnt. Pac jumped into the air and continued launching pellets. Kirby eventually got tired, and became Spark Kirby and shocked Pacman, sending him down and creating a small hole. Pac got up, only to be met by a blue powerful blast. Kirby must of caught a red head band. Fighter Kirby continued punching Pac until Kirby uppercut him into a wall. Pac managed to summon 5 ghosts, only for them to be eaten. Pac's jaw dropped, but then absorbed all of his pellets too become Power Pacman. Kirby yelped and ran away at top speed, but was caught and munched on, as Kirby screamed. Kirby spotted something as he was crunched. A red and pink and yellow plant. And a glow was inside of it. Kirby punched the top of Pac's mouth, and Pac's shouted in pain. Kirby then went near the plant, and he glowed yellow. Golden yellow. SuperNova Kirby started swallowing everything. Rocks, leaves, trees, until it's cheeks were large, and Kirby blasted all of the materials at the shocked Pacman. Pacman was knocked off his upper body, and only his legs were left. KO! Bolt: Pacman was obviously defeated, as Kirby was stronger and faster, although Pacman was only smarter. Screwball: Looks like Pacman was dethrowned. Bolt: The winner is Kirby!
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  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Yes. And Pacman can only completely eat one "opponent". Ghosts. (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue to be exact.
    Oct 23, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    And Can you make a Pokemon Story about a Guy named Kevin (BlueFox) moved to the Whatever Region you want and a Guy named Adrian (Adrian2AMBoss) who is his friend and follows him and battles him?
    Oct 23, 2014
  3. Adrian2AMBoss
    WHAT??? Pac Man would win a Real Battle! Pac man might be a Little Stupid and Eats Almost anything in the world, but Pac man can eat Kirby
    Oct 23, 2014