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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium 50 likes special

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Now, the most famous debate ends. Just kidding, this is between their over shadowed friends.
Bolt: When a hero is made, their is always their overshadowed friends, or in this case a shadow and a brother. Screwball: Luigi, the Green Rocket! Bolt: And Shadow, the ultimate life form. Bolt: He's Bolt and I'm Screwball! Bolt: And were here to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a battle.... Shadow- Bolt: Shadow was made by Dr. Gerald Robotnik to be the ultimate life form and find the cure for all sickness. Screwball: But Gerald's daughter, Maria, who was close to Shadow, was killed, and about 10,000 years later- Bolt: 50 actually- Screwball: Shut up. He was unleashed once again, and became the rodent version of Vegeta, who he was killed by in Death Battle. Poor little hedgehog. Bolt: Shadow is almost as fast as Sonic, and using a chaos emerald, he can use chaos control to become Super Shadow, use Chaos Blast or Chaos Sphere, and go back in time, which can be used for saving lives. Screwball: Maybe I could use it to get that last beer on the couch that went missing! Bolt: When in Super form, Shadow can nearly go at light speed, send people to different places, survive the vacuum of space, and for some reason, gets yellow fur... Screwball: Wow. What a rip off. Shadow: I am the ultimate life form. Luigi- Bolt: Luigi is the overshadowed brother of Mario, wearing green instead of red. Screwball: Luigi is actually the younger brother of the 2, despite being taller. It's Zack and Cody all over again....Bolt: Luigi is very athletic. He is a great player at all sports, can run at the speed of Light in Paper Mario, and is shown to be able to jump higher than Mario. Screwball: Luigi might be Jesus, cause he can run on water for a short time! His big bro can't do that. Oh! He can also create electricity, break bricks, and turn invisible! Bolt: Right, Screwball. However, turning invisible is caused by a glitch in Luigi's Mansion. Screwball: Silly Bolt. That just means he's been hiding something. Bolt: Luigi also has been granted the ability to create fire balls at will, make coins come out of people's heads when he uppercuts them, and when he's in a sad mood, his kicks can knock a person in a suit of armor. Luigi is also very strong, being able to lift castles, a giant turtle probably weighing 100 tons, and a Charizard, which weighs 199. 5 lbs. Screwball: Not only that, but he can use a wide variety of power ups, ranging from Ice Luigi, freezing enemies, Metal Luigi, protecting himself from almost anything, and also increase his already amazing strength, or Super Luigi, making him incredibly strong, giving him the ability to fly, and becoming super fast. Bolt: His main choice of weapons is his metal hammer and his Thunderhand. Luigi: Let's a go! Screwball: Don't forget, he's a ghost buster! His Poltergeist 3000 can suck up about anything! It also has blow function! Suck and blow!- Bolt: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's settle this debate once and for all! Screwball: It's time for a Stadium Match!- Luigi stood on one side. Shadow stood on the other. FIGHT! Luigi used Thunderhand to knock Shadow away, who judo kicked him. Luigi rubbed is chin, than launched himself at the hedgehog. Shadow was then burned by multiple fire balls. Shadow decided to use his speed, and started running and continued hitting Luigi until he was knocked back by Luigi's strong punch, and Shadow was shocked to see coins fly out of his body. "What the-" Shadow was hit by a shock to the face, as Luigi moved at full speed. Shadow decided to finish the plumber as soon as possible. Shadow's body glowed bright, and 7 jewels came out of him, and he became Super. Luigi yelped and ran away at full speed. Shadow smirked and teleported in front of the green plumber. Luigi became cloud form and flew away, screaming "Wahhhh!!!!". Shadow followed, but as he went up as he flew up, a blue Koopa shell came down. Shadow continued to fly up. When the black rodent found the cloud, there was no Luigi. "Huh. Maybe he-" Shadow was hit by a ice blast, then burned. Shadow looked down to see Luigi and his Poltergeist 3000, laughing nervously. Shadow glared and flew down, while Luigi screamed. Luigi decided to use defense, and Metal Luigi entered the fight. Shadow crashed down on the now iron plumber, and was pushed back by the hard force. Suddenly, Shadow's super form wore off, while Shadow grunted, only to be punched in the gut, and spat out some blood. Shadow glared, and his rings on his gloves fell off, and his body was now covered in a red aura. Shadow raised his fist, and knocked it into Luigi face, and the brother went flying. Luigi got up and was met by another powerful force. Chaos sphere. Luigi managed to become Super Luigi, and his fist and his rival's fist met. A huge explosion came from the clash. After the blast, Luigi saw the black rodent charging a Chaos Blast, and the plumber pulled out his poltergeist 3000, and prepared for the attack. Shadow unleashed the Chaos Blast, as his rings came back on his hands. Luigi sucked up the powerful blast with the suck function. Shadow was shocked, but then was met by his own Chaos Blast. After a huge explosion, Shadow was knocked into a wall, as he coughed. He was heavily damaged, and as the green plumber approached, he tried to get up, but failed. Thinking he was going to get hit by a metal hammer, he tried to shield himself, but was met by a hand lifting him up, and helping him to a nearby town. "Why aren't you killing me?" Shadow asked, confused. "Do I look like a killer?" Luigi asked. Shadow laughed as they arrived at a coffee shop. KO! I GUESS? Screwball: No blood? Why? Bolt: Luigi and Shadow were matched in almost every stat, but in the end, Luigi's power ups were more than enough to beat Shadow. Screwball: But because Luigi's not mean like that, Shadow wasn't killed. But still, it looks like Shadow just sucked. Bolt: The winner is Luigi. Screwball: Next time on Stat Stadium! A Yellow dot appears, then a pink pixel ball comes, and they are revealed to be Pac Man and Kirby. Screwball: HOLY CRAP! Somebody give me a flipping table to- Bolt: OH MY GOD!!!!!!
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