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Starter Squad: Starter Squad Chapter 1 Forgotten?

by Skadoodle

Today was the day Oshawott thought. Today was the day when trainers from Unova are supposed to come and pick there starters. Oshawott waited for trainers to line up to pick there starter Pokemon. But there wasn't a single trainer in line for there starter Pokemon. Apperantly there was some rampage downtown about some deadly Pokemon. I've had enough Oshawott yelled. I'm going down town to fix the craziness of the deadly Pokemon. I'm not going to be forgotten Oshawott yelled. I'm going down there! Who's with me!?
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  1. Skadoodle
    I'm going to do a chapter of the series every week. Hope you enjoyed!

    P.S Who's your favorite starter Pokemon from Unova?
    Jan 19, 2016