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Starlight, Star Bright

by Sky1

Starlight, Star Bright
Eternal Flames of the night,
You burn with passion,
And glow with pure fashion.
Radiating love and laughter,
With hope close after.

I wish to be by your side,
But I'm prevented by the Tide.
It pulls me down,
And wraps around.
Preventing my escaping flight,
Into the wonderful night.
It takes my love and crushes my hope,
Not even laughter escapes its vengeful scope.

Starlight, Star Bright
Eternal Flames of the night.
Your beauty vanquishes Darkness,
That tries to leave us Starless.
Our eyes see that see you glow,
Causes us to ask one thing though.

"Starlight, Star Bright,
Eternal Flames of the night.
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish, I wish Tonight.
Expand my wings and let me fly,
Into the vast free Sky."