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Staff Mimikyu

by GSEevee

GSEevee Concept art that I made yesterday. I could redraw this later. Honestly, I'm loving Pokémon Café Mix! I think it's a really fun game, and I've even completed both Regular Café Mode and Master Café Mode! This is just an idea for a staff member.

Café Skill: Clears surrounding icons and those below, then replaces surrounding icons with the most common Pokémon
Specialty: Sweets
Stars required: 10 to befriend, 25 to level up

Stats -
Matches to Full Gauge: 65
Extra Moves: 0
Time to make combos: 4 seconds (Level 1) > 5 seconds (Level 2)
Megaphone Summoned on Match: 35
Megaphone Spawned: 1
Score Multiplier: *1