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Gaiien Region: Ssssssour Ssssssnakes: Vineper and Tangelobra

by Keleri

vineper dex.png
Keleri Vineper ⟶ (lv. 35) Tangelobra

#100 - Vineper (vine + viper)
Scandent Pokémon
It is a shy pokémon that will hide high up in the tops of trees. Their scales are pointed and raised, resembling thorns. They use the thorns to deter attackers until they are old enough to produce acid.

Moveset: Wrap, Leer, Acid, Bite, Glare, Stockpile/Spit Up/Swallow, Coil, Poison Fang, Vine Whip, Razor Leaf

#101 - Tangelobra (tangle + tangelo + cobra) (tangeh-LOB-ra but you can pronounce it tanjeh-LOBE-ra or whatever, I'm not a cop)
Citron Pokémon
They use their acid defensively as well as offensively, creating miasmas of acidic gases in addition to spitting corrosive venom. Their skin is thick with hard armor, and will express small amounts of acid when struck.

Base Stats: 65/95/79/60/69/80

Ability: Shed Skin/Needle Skin (attackers take damage on contact, “spike” moves are powered up)/[Acid Rain](activates acid-type weather effect on switch-in)

Moveset: Crunch, Acid Spray, Gastro Acid, Dragon Tail, Power Whip, Seed Bomb, Spiky Shield, Wood Hammer, Needle Arm, Acid Fang, Acid Breath, Acid Cloud, Acid Spit, Acid Tongue, Acid Wear, Mordant Blast, Vitriolic Slash, Caustic Surge, Bear Hug, Tail Lash, Paralytic Breath, Needle Barrage, Rootbind, Thorn Strike, Thorn Whirl, Thorn Fang, Death Roll


This line was originally Aspen and Vineper (Grass/Dragon) but I changed my mind at literally the last minute of drawing it when I liked how the cobra hood and spikes were coming out.
  1. muddy mudkip
    muddy mudkip
    that thing is like ekans but 999% better
    Apr 24, 2020
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Upon first read, I pronounced it as tangeh-LOBE-ra. So now you have a third option. I gotta say, it's refreshing seeing a snake Pokemon that isn't Poison-type but then you've always been really creative with your Gaiien mons! ^_^
    Aug 12, 2019
    qlovers and Keleri like this.