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by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto This is what I've been spending my entire summer working on! It's a story about Satan's son trying his best to live a normal high school life; but the only problem is that he looks scarily like a human! Keep in mind this is only the first chapter, but the second one should be up in no time~
First day of Satan’s School For Young Demons.

Ok, let’s do this thing. Hi. The name’s Lucifer, or as many call me, Lucy. I greatly dislike this name, but nobody seems to care about that. This is Hell, what do you expect? Anywho, today is my first day of Satan’s (my dad’s) School for Young Demons. Yea, I know, it’s a mouthful. Let’s just get this thing started.

The Harpies screech, and the blood moon hangs high above my window. It’s the perfect day to go outside and torture some souls, but I’ve never been too good at that, and the moon, even on a cold day, could give you third degree burns if you don’t lather up in moonscreen. That’s only the worst of it, I could mention at least a thousand more reasons not go outside, but that would take forever. Any way you put it though, it’d just be better to stay inside. But today, I have to go outside, and not only that, I have to… socialize. Ugh, even the thought of having to talk to other demons and spawn makes my stomach curl. I sit up in my bed, and sigh. Off the bed I go.

As my feet hit the floor and the sheets roll off my bare body, I rub my eyes with the sides of my hands. It’s the first day of a new school, the school that had only finished being made earlier that moon cycle. I close my eyes, and sigh again, this was going to suck. Nevertheless, I pull on a long sleeved shirt, and a dirty pair of jeans to start off the day. I roll my head around my neck, and grunt as it cracks. I then twist my body all the way around, and listen to the quiet popping of my undead body yawning. Alright, morning stretches done, now onto the morning meal.

I trot slowly down the creaking stairs, and shoo the cobwebs made last night from my face. The smell of rotting eggs and pig corpse wafts up to my nose, and my stomach growls. Mmm, yummy. This is the life of the son of Satan. Laid back breakfasts and a supply of clean clothes, I hate it. Everyone thinks that I’m gonna do great and that I must be so scary if I live in a house where everything is nice and where your dad is actually the (sort of) president of the entire underworld, but I suppose that everyone’s expectations were wrong. Because not only do I look like a human for some reason, but I suck at school. Like, really suck. But I have better things to be doing this morning other than complain about how everything is cruddy in my world. I have a breakfast to eat.

I leap over the hole to the basement (where dad works) and walk into the kitchen. M0m’s in there, breathing her decaying breath all over the bread, making it mouldy and stale. Deftly, I grab a chunk of the pig from the fridge, and nab a slice of the freshly molded loaf and bite deep into it. Mom looks at me and smiles, then walks over.

She growls, and ruffles my hair. Lovely. “Thanks.” I say, laced with sarcasm, “And yes, as a matter of fact, these are the same pants I wore yesterday.” Mom lets out another low grumble, and her large goat face twists into a worried expression. “No, I do not need to change, I’m fine.” She sighs and bleats something under her breath, but I don’t take notice of it. Dad then saunters into the room, with a smile on his face, and his special tie around his neck.

“Hey Luce!” He says to me as he pats my head, “You excited for the first day?” I hiss a swear at him, and glare. “Me too bud, me too.” Urgh, I hate when he does that. “You know,” I say to him, “I would be a l0t better off just practicing my summoning skills at home, instead of y’know, going to school?” Dad laughs, and picks up a piece of bread. He wags the slice at me, and says, “Oh I hope that was true kiddo. I have to work too y’know, and that’s not easy.” I roll my eyes, and sniffle as I scoff down the rest of the toast. Standing up, I place a hand to my face, and take a sniff of my breath. The rank smell wafts up to my nose, and makes me recoil. Ok, so today I might want to brush my teeth. Quickly, I dash back upstairs, and open the door to the bathroom. Inside the toilet, I find my pet, Stink-wiper. He’s quite a lovely pet, eating dung and filth around the room. “Hey stink!” I call as I trot over to the sink,

“How’s it going bud?” Stink gives a gurgle in reply, and his tentacles wiggle happily. I reach over to the sink, and step in a puddle of grime and soot. “Ugh,” I groan as I lift my foot from the goo, “Stink-wiper! I told you to go in the litter box!” Stink grumbles guiltily, and shuffles into the corner to hide. I glare at him as i slowly pull the sock off and toss it into the dirty laundry pile. I sigh, and pull out a random dirty sock from the pile and slip it onto my foot. I saunter over to the sink, and grab my Death Skulls toothbrush. I’ve had this thing since I was a little spawn, but mom bought me a six pack, and I would be using a toothbrush with an outdated (but good) band on it. I swash the brush along my teeth, and lick my teeth after the brushing.

I walk back down the stairs, and grab my bookbag from the railing of the stairwell. I sigh and force a smile at the kitchen doorway. “Bye!” I call with a struggle, “I’m going to walk to Puma’s house, Bye again.” Dad teleports in front of me, with a suitcase in one hand, and the other on his hip. “Not so fast little man,” he says, “I know you don’t like your cousin Terry, but he doesn’t have a ride. And you think I wasn’t a kid once? I know you’re going to take forever to get there and miss out on school.” I grumble, and roll my eyes. Does he ever let up with his all seeing eyes? No. The answer is no. I huff, and end up clambering into dad’s car to go to Terry’s house. The drive is long, and feels like an eternity. I sigh, and put a hand on my face as we pull up to Uncle Boogie’s house. Terry climbs into the car and grins wickedly at me. I roll my eyes and growl at him, but he only laughs a little. “Hello Lucy!” He says with a giggle. I bare my teeth, and clench my fists. “Hey… Terrence.” He scoots closer to me and giggles again. “Hey, hey Lucy!” My eye begins to twitch, and I heavily roll my eyes. “Don’t call me Lucy. My name is Lucifer.” He cackles, and buckles in next to me. This was going to be miserable.

We pull into Puma’s driveway after a horrible ten minutes, and I watch him dash out of his house. He sits on my lap, because the car has only a few seats, and smiles at me. “Puma is vewy happy to be here, he is, yessir!” Dad laughs and shoves me, “Get a room you lovebirds!” he says with a smile. Terrence loses it next to me, and I turn bright red. I shove my father back, and Puma hisses as his tongue slips out of his mouth in defense. Dad laughs again. “Just joking!” he says, “But by the way you reacted makes me think that there really is something going on.” He raises an eyebrow at me, and I lower mine into a glare. Terrence elbows me, and laughs, “Listen Luce, you really think that we think that?” I mumble something under my breath, and roll my eyes. Puma just sits there, and strokes his tongue to calm it. It’s another aggravating five minutes before we get to the four story school. “Geeze,” I whisper. I turn to dad, “How long did it take to build again?” Dad smiles at me, and parks the car. “‘Bout half a moon cycle.” I sniff, and let Puma off my lap, then I follow him out the door.

Dad and I separate, and Terrence goes off to the second floor to the electronics class while Puma and I take the elevator to the third floor. “Hey,” I say to Puma, “Lemme see your schedule.” Puma stands on his tiptoes, and holds out the piece of paper like it’s a magical scroll, and allows me to see it. “Cool,” I say as I look at my schedule, “We have torture with Terrence and…” I trail off as somebody passes by. She’s terrifying, with sharp red claws and thick black hooves at the bottom of her long satyr-like legs. Her horns almost touch the ceiling, and a long devil’s tail whips out behind her. “She’s vewy pwetty, she vewy is, yessir.”Puma says beside me. I stare for a couple of seconds longer, before it hits me. “Wait,” I say, turning to Puma, “Is that… Demi?” Puma squints at her, and eventually, nods. “Yessir,” he says, “Tha’s Demi, for sure.” I sniffle, and twitch my mouth to the left. “Mmm,”I say, “We should go say hi.” Puma looks at me quizzically, and flicks out his tongue. “How come?” He asks, petting his snake-tongue. I pause, and lick my lips, “I dunno, she used to have this huge crush on me, remember?” Puma nods, and rolls his tongue back into his mouth. “Well,” He says, “I have to go check out my locker, and then I’ll meet you in third period.” I nod, and push my long hair out of my face. “Alright,” I say, “I’ll see ya’ then.” Puma then dashes off to the first floor to the ‘A’ last name lockers. Puma Ailurophobia, son of the fear of cats. Suddenly, I snap back to reality, and dash to catch up with Demi. “Wait!” I call, as she goes to board the elevator, “Wait, huff huff, hold on…”

I eventually catch up to her, and I step into the elevator with her. She looks at me, and cocks her head to the side. “Lucy?” She asks, “You…” I sigh, and stuff my hands in my pockets, “Yeah,” I mumble, “Still like this.” She looks at me again, and then laughs as the elevator door swings open. “Y’see, I always liked you for that.” The door shuts again, and I turn bright red. I fumble with the buttons, and go back to the third floor. This is stupid, I th3ink to myself as the elevator stops again, why in dad’s name would I think that it would be a good idea to follow a girl I hadn’t seen since 3rd grade into an elevator? I sigh, and take off towards my locker. Locker number 666. I swear they did that on purpose. Carefully, I spin the lock, but to no avail. I roll my eyes as I hear cackling behind me.

“What do you want Nielson?” I huff through gritted teeth, “I’m not in the mood right now.” Nielson laughs harder, and punches me on the shoulder. “C’mon!” He says as he digs his sharp claws into my shoulder, “I’m only messing!” I feel him draw blood as he shoves his nails deeper into my flesh. I let out a disgruntled hiss, and whip around to hit him… just as a teacher turns the corner. Miss Envi’s glowing eyes pierce me, and she yells through her telekinesis. “OFFICE!” She screams at Nielson and I, “NOW!!”

Slowly, we make our way towards the stairs with Miss Envi. “Neilson I could expect this from, but you…” She looks at me with her large unblinking eyes sympathetically as she notices the blood trickling down my shoulder. She sighs the best she can with the stitches across her mouth. “Alright,” she says as the bell rings above us, “Lucifer, I’ll let you go, but Neilson…” She glares at him, and I see him shudder. She looks at me and smiles creepily, “Go on now,” she says, “Or you’ll be late on the first day!” I sniffle, and dash back up the stairs.

It turns out that I was late regardless, with a tough lock and all, it was a while before I even got what I needed. Eventually, I reach the room… Just as the second bell rings. Professor Glutton glares at me as I take an entry to the classroom. I sigh as I sit down in a random seat. The thing is, all the teachers know me, and know my habits due to them being around my dad when I was little. That’s how Miss Envi knew me, I used to call her Auntie… Ugh. Anywho, Professor Glutton taps his clipboard on his desk and clears his throat. “And here is Lucifer.” He says laced with spite for my lateness, “And why, might I inquire, are you late?” I grumble under my breath as people begin to stare at me. I should have gotten used to the stares by now due to my looks, but in a new school, it’s just overwhelming. I hear the click of a pen as Glutton scratches something down on his clipboard.

Suddenly, I feel somebody sit next to me, and hear the door shut behind my seat. I look up, and see Kyle sitting next to me. The pro douche of the school, and the best lier. I roll my eyes, and try not to gag as he lays a dead goat head on the desk. GLutton glares at him, and taps his foot angrily. “And may you explain why you’re late?” Kyle shrugs and waves his black claws in a circular motion. “Eh,” he says as he sticks a lollipop in his mouth, “saw a dinosaur and decided to follow it, that’s why I’m late.” Glutton’s eye twitches, and he walks over to Kyle’s desk in a whirl of fury. “Do you think I’m stupid?” He hisses, “I know-” Kyle taps him gently on the shoulder with his claws, and smiles. “You know what?” he asks calmly. Immediately, his hand goes into work, and tricks the professor into believing him. “I know that you should be excused immediately!” Glutton smiles and walk back to his desk nodding all the while. “I wondered why Lucy was late as well,” He sits back down, and clacks his clipboard on the desk twice.

“Ok,” he says to the class, “Let’s get started!” The announcements turn on, and dad’s voice booms throughout the entire school. “Good morning S.S.F.Y.D.! I will be your principal for the entire year, so hang on tight, cause this year is going to be a blast!” I huff, and slide my hand onto my cheek. This was going to be hell. Literally.
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