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SSBX: SSBX: The interview

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja I was bored... XD
Me: Here it is folks, what you have all wanted... The inside scoop on some of the fighters coming into SSBX. let's go!

*Goes into a studio where multiple characters train or hang out

Agumon: Hey creator :) I can't wait to see what you have for this game

17 Year old ben: Why are we here again?

Bloom: We're here for the fighting game BDF is making

Yang: Hmm... neat :) When do i get to punching stuff *Smirks*

Me: Well, you can see they are very eager already

17 year old Ben: Eager for what!? You just kidn-

Me: Umm... moving on...

Sonic: Hey! So... it's four way right

Me: yup, that's how it is sonic

Werehog: RUFF!

Me: And yes werehog, it does sound weird but there are playable copies, of course being different color than the original character being played as

Freddy: *Bursts out from closet making everyone jump*

Me: .... Woah Freddy! Save it for the battles please

Bloom: *Giggles* You sure got your hands full with this
*Gently petting a Pikachu*

Shoutmon: Alright! When does the action start? I"M READY TO ROCK!!!!

Me: Soon Shoutmon, be patient

Bloom: You should also thank the People on Pokecharms you know, if it wasnt for them you would have no characters at all

Me: Of course, i know that... It's thanks to them to... how many were there again?

Bloom: *Rolls eyes and takes out a very long list*

Me: ohhh....

Bloom: Better get to work *Hands me the list and starts walking*

Bloom: See you all in SSBX ;)
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