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SSB-X Red vs Bloom

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja yes, this story is short, but it is fun, I lov pokemon, and LOVE Bloom from winx, she is awesome, and hot (In more ways then 1 *Wink*) Uh... I mean nothing! Let's get on with the match!
A red haired girl walked into the forest, looking for something
Bloom: Hmm, where is it?
A boy also came into the same clearing seeing the fairy.
Red: Wow, A Fairy Type! You must be really rare!
Bloom: *Sees the boy* excuse me?
Red: *Tosses pokeball* Go Squirtle!
*A small turtle pokemon comes out*
Bloom: Transforms into her believix nd shot fireballs at the turtle
Red: Water Gun!
Squirtle shoots a huge jet of water at the fireballs,
Bloom: Umm, okay... Dragon Arrow!
*Shoots a huge fireball taking out the turle pokemon*
red: Okay, Go Ivysaur!
* A large blue plant pokemon came out*
Bloom: Okay, you asked for it now *Flies up*
Red: Solar Beam!
Ivysaur shot a huge energy blast at bloom, making her fall to the ground, she slowly gets up
Bloom: Flora would love to have saw that attack...
*Shoots multiple fireballs taking out Ivysaur as well.
Red: Takes last pokemon* Go Charizard! *A huge dragon comes out*
Bloom: Your joking right?
Red: A fire and Fairy type, your mine! *tosses pokeball at bloom's face
Bloom: Ow! hey what was that for!?
Red: Must still have some fight left, Charizard Flamethrower!
*The dragon shoots huge wave of fire, but bloom easily absorbs it*
Bloom:*Eyes glow. Okay, now you got me mad!
*Charizard punches the ground, and bloom hits it, Both creating huge blasts of fire, but red and charizard get sent flying away and a huge smash explosion happens*|
Bloom:*Gets up* Well, that was fun... *Flies away*
Well, despite having multiple hits on bloom, she was just too hot... to handle.
In the end, Red just got sent blasting off again XD
Bloom Win of the Winx, wins!
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  1. TooBlue12
    And Red and Charizard are blasting off again. :D XD
    Sep 26, 2016
  2. NerdyNinja
    There! Much better
    Sep 26, 2016
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  3. NerdyNinja
    yeah sorry, that was an error, fixing it now
    Sep 26, 2016
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  4. Teapot
    I think you're missing some of this story!
    Sep 26, 2016