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Cassandra Michaels: Sprite Experiment

by PentheWonderful

PentheWonderful Hahaha my first attempt ever at a sprite. EVER. I did a bit of cheating here, to be honest lol
Borrowed body parts from several trainer sprites (mostly from Pokemon Diamond sprites) and merged them together. Soooo hopefully I'll have a trainer card soon!
  1. The iFlare
    The iFlare
    The actual shape and details of the sprite are fairly decent. I would work out the arm proportions and torso shape to be a little more true to your artwork of this character. I also suggest experimenting with darker and lighter tones of the colors used to give her proper depth, so you don't have such a flat sprite. All of this said, for a first attempt, this is impressive.
    Oct 12, 2015
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  2. ToxicSwamp
    This is several times better than my first sprite was. You're, like... wow.
    Oct 4, 2015
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  3. deadlyduel
    try fix up color of shades a little. i will say like darker grey could work. just experiment and hopefully you get better results. The rest is good job. :angel:
    Oct 3, 2015
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