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Splatter Bat Awards

by Alex The Hydreigon

Alex The Hydreigon I call it, 'The Splatter Bat Awards'! I have been acting in such an amazing play for the past few weeks, and this show has really changed my life even if I am just a stage hand, it's really changed my life, so I made this for my director who is a huge batman fan. Today is our final show, and I know we're gonna go out with a POW! thank you guys for not screaming at me for not posting, and after this show is over, I'll be on more often. For now, why don't yall take a look at ''Co-Creator" which is the play im in. It's about a man who goes by the name 'Bill Finger' and doesn't receive credit for everything he has created, and not just in the batman universe. I would go look him up, he's cool. He also worked with a jacka** named ''Bob Kane" who was the snobby-I-wont-give-you-credit kind of guy. So yeah, there you go. Now, I have to go to the theater in an hour and a half, so have a wonderful evening my fellow Hydreigon!