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.:Splatoon: Scribbles:.

by SmolLimon

SmolLimon the woomy is a thing now
NAME: Scribbles
NICKNAME: Scribs (by Wasabi)
GENDER: female
AGE: 14 yrs old
HAIR COLOR: orange (default)
EYE COLOR: soon to be decided
BIRTHDAY: Dec 24th
WEAPON: Inkbrush
PERSONALITY: An open-minded inkling with a heart for ink battles. She grew up with joy on the outside but with sorrow and sadness on the inside. Scribbles is very curious when it comes to new things and tries to get her tentacles on them.
HISTORY: Not much is known about Scribble's history. She mostly loved to color a lot when she was little. An incident caused her to lose both of her parents and was left alone. The soon-to-be-team-leader-and-tsundere, Midori, took her in and they have been living under the same roof ever since. She was caught under the eye of a purple-haired male inkling while stealing a Splat Charger. Scribbles soon met the inkling, whose identity was Wasabi. She introduced Wasabi to her foster sister and her friend, Albino. They began to interact with one another and the team was formed.
-She is questioning her sexuality.
-Scribbles mentors Lynn, a new trainee for the team, Squid Squad
-The team that she is in is called the Squid Squad
-She was the one who came up with the team's name
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