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Non-Pokemon art: Speedpaint - Ignyus Hound

by EtherealHaze

Ignyus Hound - Speedpaint.png Progress.png
EtherealHaze Just something I decided to draw today. It took me around an hour to do, and I thought I'd include a picture showing my progress as well.
The Ignyus Hound is a creature I made up a few years ago. It is a dog (with rat-like features) that is born from souls that have perished in fires. Despite their appearance, Ignyus Hounds are friendly creatures that only want to save other people from falling into the same fate they did.
Their souls are carried in flames that burn on their bodies. These flames can be located anywhere, but the most common areas are around the mouth (like on the one I drew), the tail, the back, and the side.