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Who would win?: *Special* Mewtwo VS Legandaries

by BlazinDelphox

BlazinDelphox Click the links to learn about the Pokemon in the fight!
Leave a comment so I can make this better and funnier.
As a side note, all info in the ad is correct but was hard to find.
Jesse: Today we have MEWTWO battling in the arena!
Boom: bUt hoW
Jesse: Okay not actually Mewtwo but a clone of Mewtwo. Close enough right?
Boom: who will fite Mewtwo?
Jesse: First Latios, then Latias, Darkrai and finally... I have no idea, you?
Boom: Dis one! *Holds up Pokedex*
Jesse: Genesect? 'Kay that works. Psychic is ineffective on all the opponents but Mewtwo is tough! Who will win?!? While you enjoy this advertisement, we'll get ready.
Ad Person: Come buy your TMs at Lillycove Department Store! We have Fire Blast, Reflect, Thunder and more! Come buy power at Lillycove Department Store in Lillycove City, Hoenn.
Jesse: Okay, we're ready. Boom, press the button!
Boom: Wich one?
Jesse: I made it for YOU to press so it's the big red one.
Boom: Okai. *Presses big red button*
Mewtwo and Latios are sent into the arena. Mewtwo used Signal Beam. Latios used Ice Beam. Mewtwo also used Ice Beam and it was a knock out! Latios was dragged out and Mewtwo was healed with a potion.
Jesse: That was fast. Now, press the smaller but still kinda big red button.
Boom: Okai, Mewtwo rulez! *Presses smaller but still kinda big button* I love the litle star tings dat say wat I'm doing!
Jesse: Weirdo...
Latias is sent to battle Mewtwo. Mewtwo starts with a Signal Beam like last time. Latias used Draco Meteor then vanished. Mewtwo said "Come back and fight!" Latias did, with a Sucker Punch. Mewtwo was weak but still able to win with an Ice Beam.
Jesse: Button. Now.
Boom: *Presses button*
Next came Darkrai, the Pitch-Black Pokemon. Mewtwo used Psystrike but it did nothing. Darkrai used Spacial Rend. Mewtwo then used Signal Beam, which did a lot but not enough. Mewtwo was KOed with Dark Pulse.
Jesse: Wow Mewtwo lost that one. But Darkrai is a Dark type. Button time!
Boom: *Presses button*
The last fight of the day, Genesect VS Mewtwo! Mewtwo used Ice Beam. Genesect used it's signature move, Techno Blast. Mewtwo used Energy Ball but it barely did anything. Genesect used Flash Cannon leaving Mewtwo weak. Mewtwo used Signal Beam but as a Bug type itself, Genesect wasn't bothered much. Genesect won with a Dark Pulse.
Jesse: Nice fight. But before we end; why are you called "Boom"?
Boom: cuz I do dis *Uses Self Destruct*
Jesse: *cough* *cough* Oh great the place is ruined. Hopefully the studio will be clean by next time. See ya!
  1. Mewtwofan259
    Oct 14, 2017
  2. BlazinDelphox
    Who do you like more, crazy (and explosive) Boom the Eevee or Jesse the Meowth that makes this all work?
    Oct 14, 2017
  3. Mewtwofan259
    *Meows* (Wow! This was great! Seal of Approval!) *Meow*
    Oct 12, 2017
    BlazinDelphox likes this.