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Pokemon Custom OCs: Soras Profile

by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico My First And Main Pokemon Trainer OC, Soras! Many Who Have Been On The Same Rps(Cough Cough Bloka) As Me Know Him, But this Is his Full Profile!
Name: Soras Blano
Current Age: 12
Appearance: Black Hoodie, Brown Hair, Orange Eyes, Peachy Skin, Tons Of Freckles(I HAVE LOTS OF FRECKLES OKAY), grey Trousers, Black Shoes
Personality: Friendly To Pokémon and MOST people, very Smart, has Hard To Predict Strategies, Will Do Anything To defend His Pokémon, hates People Like His Rival, Blaze ELM.
Family/Friends: His Mum, Dad(Missing), Kat Blano, All Champions And Professors,
And Gym Leaders
Rivals: Blaze
Gender: Male
Backstory: Born In Kanto, Soras Always Wanted to Be A Trainer, And One Day, His Dad Went Missing, And Left him A Dunsparce, Now His Partner, He Travelled The World, beating Gyms, Meeting Champions, Losing and Winning, Entering Leagues And Almost Winning. Also, HE KEEPS GETTING ATTACKED BY TEAM FLARE!
Goal: Two: To Beat Blaze And Find His Dad

I'll Explain The Pokémon Later!