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Sora (KHIII)

by <Inkscape>

<Inkscape> This is a drawing I made of Sora, the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, if you are unfamiliar with the games and such, I suggest you look it up and while your at it, look at the yaoi fanbase of the series. Don't say I didn't warn you. :/ XD
  1. FeatherstheAltaria
    @Leo Akuzarii Thx!!>_< Actually, if you could draw a Tsareena and Primarina fighting about how pretty they are<.>>_<
    May 28, 2017
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  2. <Inkscape>
    @FeatherstheAltaria Thanks!!! You can make a suggestion about what you want to see next ;) I've been thinking about drawing Roxas with his trademark hood amd keyblades. :D
    May 22, 2017
  3. FeatherstheAltaria
    Kingdom Hearts is one of my FAVORITES! Sora looks good in your style! >w<
    May 21, 2017
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  4. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    10/10!!! Amazing job!!!
    Apr 19, 2017
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  5. PassIntoTheMeme
    Yussss! I love Kingdom Hearts!! It was my first ever game and I've been a fan ever since!
    Apr 16, 2017
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