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blood war!!!: sonic vs mario

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain
Pain: hey guys I'm @lord of pain !
Hawk: and I'm @HawkZ !
Pain: and this our new battle series!
Both: blood war!!!!!!!
Hawk: so lets get started!

Pain: sonic is the blue hedgehog with supernatural speed, he is calmed to be faster than the speed of sound.
Hawk: sonic also had high agility and lots of power ups
Pain: they include the fire shield wich gives him fire resistance, the electric Shield wich gives him electricity resistance and the water shield, for water breathing of course.
Hawk: he also has the chaos emeralds, wich boosts his speed by a lot and gives him the ability to fly
Pain: OMA he is super saiyan!!!!
Hawk: *hits him on the head* sonic is to overconfident but always manages his way to victory but can he do so against mario?
Pain: let's find out!
*sonic theam song gets played*

Pain: mario is the red Italian plumber and saver of the mushroom Kingdom, he is short and chubby but don't under estimate him
Hawk: he can jump very high in the air and always has access to power ups
Pain: even in space?!?! That is ether very convenient or just lazy writing!!!
Hawk: mario has the three mushrooms, red acts like a second chance, green heals him and blue shrinks him
Pain: he also has the fire flower and ice flower, for pyromancy or cryomancy
Hawk: the brown leaf allows him to fly and the metal cap increases his defence
Pain: the super star increases his strength and the mega mushroom turns him giant
Pain: am I the only one who thinks attack on titan when he does that?
Hawk: mario is a normal human but thanks to his convenient power ups he managed to beat bowser multiple times, don't under estimate him!
Mario: it sa me, mario!

Sonic is waiting in the mushroom Kingdom near a pipe, suddenly mario jumps out of the pipe
Sonic: ok then let's do this!
Pain: fight!
Sonic dashes at mario in his ball form multiple times, injuring the plumber
Mario uses the ice flower to freeze the ground, with sonic having trouble running on ice he takes the opportunity and freezes him, then switches to fire flower and shoots fire at him
Sonic gets hit by the flame but before the second one touched him he activated the fire shield, after resisting all the attacks he dashed at him again
Mario used a red mushroom wich had him grow a little, he absorbed the hit and tried to use the green mushroom
Sonic dashed at him and had the plumber loose all his mushroom, sonic dashes at him again, avoiding fire and ice balls, and hits the mario so hard that he falls into a pit
Mario quickly used the brown leaf and flies out of the pit, he goes down to sonic an uses the super star
Sonic tries to dash but mario punched him so hard he flew away, sonic charged from his landing spot to mario
Mario switched to the metal cap, when sonic hit him he didn't feel any thing, he noticed the mushrooms laying next to him and decides to use the super mushroom
Sonic faces a giant mario who kicks him into the water, sonic uses the bubble shield and notice something at the bottom of the ocean
Mario waits for sonic to come out when super sonic comes out, mario gets dashed at buy him and tries to swat him away
Sonic starts to spin around him until mario gets dizzy, sonic dashes through mario's ear and out the other, covered in blood
Mario turns normal size and dies

Hawk: K.O
Pain: mario had a lot of power ups but was no match to the blue blur's speed
Hawk: mario lost this round, the winner is...
Pain: sonic

Next time on blood war
*a dark figure stands on mount doom skull next to a portal*
*the portal explodes, another dark figure apear*
???: you have sealed your fate, and it isn't a nice one
  1. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    @LTTDZOR our series is going on a tournament layout so it's not exactly the same
    Jan 4, 2016
  2. Mewtwofan259
    I have a series just like this.
    Jan 3, 2016
  3. SharkByte
    Dec 24, 2015
  4. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    Dec 24, 2015
  5. SharkByte
    Can I be a guest on the next one?
    Dec 24, 2015