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Sonic Theory: Is Sonic Truly The Fastest Thing In The World?

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 In This Theory, That This Time is Not About Pokemon, Is About Sonic! Gotta Go Fast! But... Does Sonic... Really Go Fast? Well, Lets Find Out! Remember That You Can Leave Your Theory Suggestions Down In The Comments Below!
Is Sonic Truly The Fastest Thing In The World?​
Sonic Is... Fast! You Know That Right? But... Why Can't He Be Faster Then Eggman?!?! Eggman Is Literally And Egg! But, Here Comes The Theory!

Sonic Is Truly The Fastest Thing ALIVE. You Heard What I Just Said? ALIVE! Sonic Is An Animal, Animals Are Alive! Why Isn't He Faster Then Eggman's Creations? Because Robots Are Not ALIVE. See My Point? Robots Are Literally "Perfect", But Us, Living Things, Are Not, That's Why Sonic Is Not Faster Then Eggman's Creations.

Ok, But You Should Be Asking:
Then Why Is He Slower Then Dr. Eggman?
Difficult Question, Understandable Answer:
Dr.Eggman Or In Other Times Referred As Dr.Robotnik... See? Robotnik! Robot! My Theory Comes Here. Sonic Is Not The Problem, Is Eggman/Robotnik! Dr.Robotnik Is A Robot! He's Perfect! Well... His Creations Are Not The Best... But You See My Point, Right? He's Not A Living Thing, He's A Machine! Now It Sounds Weird Right? A Robot Creating Robots... But I Think I Know Why. Because He Isn't The Best Robot, He Decides To Create Robots Way Better Than Him. When He Met Sonic, He Thought He Was Something Completely Out Of Living Things, Thats Why He Has Decide To Do Creations As, Shadow And Metal Sonic.

There You Go! Hope You All Liked The Theory, And Don't Forget To Comment Down Below Your Theory Suggestions!
  1. Renimo
    This does make sense and this does explain why Metal Sonic is sometimes faster than Sonic and how Eggman was able to survive the crash of his ship when Perfect Chaos shot it down
    Dec 19, 2015
    GokuPT99 likes this.
  2. GokuPT99
    Hm, Probably Trevor, But Love Can Be About Humans And Robots! You Know, Like Android 18!
    Dec 19, 2015
  3. SharkByte
    Well keep in mind the connection between dr Gerald robotnik and Maria who are both obviously human beacouse Maria loved shadow and egg,an is somehow related to Gerald though blood. But awesome theory and an interesting take on it good job you just got a like
    Dec 19, 2015
    GokuPT99 likes this.