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Sonic Advance Creepypasta

by Hiku Demigod

Hiku Demigod Kyle a 14 year old boy tells the story of his Sonic Advance game...
Hello my name is Kyle.I am 14 and now live a calm and peaceful life.But it wasn't always like this.Back in 2004 Sonic Advance 3 came out but I only had enough money for Sonic Advance (The First) however for some reason the clerk told me it was free since I looked like a "Die Hard Sonic Fan" To this day I still don't know what that means.What I didn't like about the cartridge was that the word "Advanced" was ripped out so it only said "Sonic". I thought maybe the previous owner didn't like the word " Advanced" or something. When I came home my parents were away at work and my older sister went to her friend's house.I found my GBA but for some odd reason there was a red mark behind it.I ignored it and inserted the Sonic Advance Game.The intro was the same, I pick a language and then name. However then name "Darwin" was there and I couldn't erase it. Werid I thought but I didn't scare me.I pressed okay and found myself in the Sonic Advance title screen but something was odd.I could hear a deep drum sound every 6 seconds.I pressed start and chose Single Player.I was shocked because "Darwin" had every stage complete and all characters even though the clerk said the previous owner only had it for 36 minutes! Holy crap I said.I chose Sonic but then a deep voice said "No".What the hell I said. Well I didn't believe he could finish the game that early so he probably used gameshark and the game got messed up.So I chose Tails and then the gameplay was normal for 2 seconds.....
I was taken to the Neo Hill Zone and I was in a flat field with no music.And on top was a portal with an eerie red color.OK I guess that's a special stage? I then jumped into the portal to hear a very loud more glitchy version of the kefka laugh of final fantasy. That was very loud it was as loud as an explosion right next to my ear!
God Damn! I yelled!
I then saw on the screen a message that said
" Hell Hill Zone Act 1"
What the fucking hell?! I'm sorry Jesus for cursing but really. I was in what looks like Hell.Fire everywhere and the sky was pitch black. Tails now had more of a sad look.I then ran towards what looks like an endless plain of fire.But then 6 minutes later the screen became full of static.And I'm not crazy while that happened I'm sure I saw Sonic.EXE behind the TV.But I closed my eyes.Then the horror happened I saw two red hands grab Tails and rip him apart!
I herd Tails scream and the Red Hands Laughing.After the horror was done I saw a message that said
"Play Again Kyle?"
Holy Fucking Shit I said
How did this damn game know my name!
I then chose knuckles since Sonic was gone for some reason...
I was at the Portal in Neo Hill and I knew I shouldn't go there. But as I started running left the 2 bloody red hands came and grabbed towards the portal.Nooooo!! I screamed.
"Knuckles's Death" it said
I was a white Knuckles with blood on his eyes.I ran right and everything started going dark until all I can see was Knuckles. Then "HE" appears the 2 red hands came and Grabbed Knuckles and rip his head off! I herd Knuckles scream and the damn hands laugh. Then the message appears
"I Despise You"
Well i hate you too! I yelled at the screen.Next I had to choose another character.The characters that were left were Amy and Cream.Cream Died with the hands grabbing one of her ears and wrapping them around her neck and the other ear was tied to a pole on the roof so she was hanged.Amy died when she was dreaming about Sonic in her room asleep but then the hands covered her sheet around her and filled the room with poison so she suffocated. Then I was out of characters... Or so I thought.
after Amy's death I was taken to the character selection screen to find Sonic.Buy his eyes were completely black and his pupils were hanging from his face and his mouth was full of sharp and bloody teeth and he had a giant menacing smile.I choose him and I was back to the portal.But this time Sonic walked towards the portal and then looked at me.Then he started floating and then...
That's what I thought I herd with Sonic in front of my screen with his ugly bloody face. Then I knew what to do.I was all white.I took the cardtridge out and went to GameStop where I got it.The clerk was gone though. I asked the manager and he told me Jeff the clerk was found hanging in his room appearantly doing suicide 66 minutes after he gave me the game.I thanked him and gave my respects to Jeff's Soul.I then drove to Highland Park and threw the game in a lake and walked away.......
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    Jun 18, 2015