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Sonic Summer camp Work: Sonic 3 1994 Doomsday Zone (FINAL)

by Ristopher

Ristopher #summercamp15 This is the final story of the classic era
Sonic has transformed into Hyper Sonic and is ready to face Robotnik for the final time in space!

Hyper Sonic: Where are you Dr.Robotnik?
Dr.Robotnik: RIGHT HERE!
Just then Robotnik launched missiles at Hyper Sonic.
Hyper Sonic: Ouch hey!
Dr.Robotnik: I got the Master Emerald which will help me rule the world!
Hyper Sonic: In Your Dreams!
While the giant mech started recharging there was an opening!
Hyper Sonic: Take This!
That attack did massive damage since a chunk of the mech fell off!
Dr.Robotnik: Grh I'm still standing!
But Sonic had 45 rings left and he's running out of time!
Hyper Sonic: Crap not the missiles again!
This time there were more and bigger!
Hyper Sonic: Whoa!
As quick as Mach 5 Sonic was able to dodge the many missiles
Below in Angel Island Zone Tails and Knuckles were watching the fight
Tails: Show em what you got Sonic!
Knuckles: You beat me so beat him!
Hyper Sonic: Lets end this Robotnik!
Then Hyper Sonic came to Robotnik at very high speed!
Dr.Robotnik: Noooo I'll never give!
Robotnik started to fly away with the Master Emerald but Hyper Sonic was too fast!
Hyper Sonic: Take This!
With that last blow the Egg Mech started to explode
Hyper Sonic: Hmph I'm invincible this time!
Dr.Robotnik: Curse you rat!!!!
Hyper Sonic: Hey I'm a hedgehog!
Hyper Sonic started to fly back to earth with Dr.Robotnik stopped at last
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