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With Time and Patience: Songbirds

by Apocolythe

Apocolythe The second short story to this series. The names of the people featured will be decided. (Good lord, every time I read this I feel like I'm talking like a robot...)
A young girl sat idly underneath the leafy shelter of a tree. The park was bustling with gleeful people - which made her feel even more empty inside. Arrogant jerks who seemed to claim they were the best, excited children who made life a dazed dream-nightmare (children were confusing, the girl thought), happy young men and women who were great to be around... but, in the depths of the magical meadow, a boy stared, his green-blue orbs large in wonder.
He was watching a songbird, and the girl felt her heart being pulled as she glanced away. She wanted to talk to him.
Thankfully, she was dragged out of the darkest corners of her mind as she felt something moist on her arm.

That damned flying turkey pooped on her.
  1. Apocolythe
    I'm sorry if this is bad, I just got back from school and I'm more tired than usual, thanks to the flight back from Canada >.>' I may remake it sometime!
    Apr 16, 2015