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Pokémon X Adventures: Somethings never change

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryces attitude strikes back
Bryce maybe a good nice dude but behind that cute face lies a table-flippin' devil
"This is the forest" Bryce said gulping "wimp!" A youngster said while he pushed Bryce into the forest "AHHHH!!!!!!!" Bryce ran out but before he could get out "sorry once you go in there's no return!" The youngster said while laughing "I HATE you guys!" Bryce said really mad "oh really?" The youngster said before calling the other youngsters "hey guys I found mr. I have been all over the land and now I moved in kalos and now I'm being a wimp!" The youngsters then laughed at Bryce "okay you get it!" Bryce said holding Fennikens Pokéball the battle begins! "Go Fenniken! Use Ember!" 10 minutes of using Ember later Fenniken grew to level 11! "That's it!" Bryce went through the forest and before he went in he caught a pidgey and a zigzagoon and while he was in the forest he found a panpour and so the journey continues THE END :8B:
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  1. BryceTehTrainer
    Stupid youngsters they pushed me into the pit of the the forest they are the real wimps they didn't even go down with me!
    Dec 9, 2015