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Something that looks like a Mega Gorebyss

by Vaporeonn

gorebyss 001.jpg
Vaporeonn Mega-Gorebyss

Well.. I might as well put thus here! Here is somehing that I made, and I tried making a Mega evolution.. of Gorebyss! I think that alot of peopole forgot about it, so I thought of making a Mega for peopole to finaly realise that this thing exsists! And, here are these stats:
HP: 55
Attack: 94
Defense: 137
Sp. Attack: 147
Sp. Defense: 100
Speed: 62
Total: 585
For the ability, I thought of something boosting SA, so we focus on that stat, but since we don't have any, let's just give it a Download ability.. Unless you have a better idea! I'd take any of them!
And the typing.. Dragon/Water.. it was orriginaly supposed to be Fairy/Water, but I changed it, since it looked.. yeah, why'd I change oit?
Looks like Gorebyss got bejeweled! Yeah, those rings, I can explain. I thought I could use those stripes that Gorebyss has close to it's tail, and make them look like.. um.. pearl rings? What was I thinking?
And that thing on top of it's head, it split in two, and got pearl bracelets! Yay.. It also got a new necklase, that became from those two shells that it had. I also forgot to add them to this design, so let's stick to the previous story..
And, it got a couple of fins! That oval thing transformed into two/one-and-a-half fins! And it got two additional fins on the side, plus, one on the back! And it got eyelashes! Yay.. Ugh..
Enjoy in my attempt of making a Mega form!