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Something Lost and Something Found: Part 1

by deerqult

deerqult After winning her seventh gym badge in Sinnoh, Bridget Forst receives a call from her grandmother about dire information. Rushing to Floaroma Town where her grandmother lives, she finds her on her bed, weak with sickness.
What she tells Bridget will take her and her partner, Lopunny, on a grand journey to heights she never dared to climb: the journey of Mega Evolution
Author's Note: You can find all of Bridget's information here! This mega evolution has been approved by moderators and is canon to her character.


Part 1

Sometimes, you drop everything for the ones you love most. Even when you have everything going right for you, even when you thought you were finally getting somewhere- that simple phone call, that letter, that text- you cannot refuse it. Bridget Forst dropped everything to go back to Floaroma Town, to her grandmother's house- her house. After all, it was the only home she remembered fondly.

Stepping off of the bus, she thanked the driver for taking her such a long way. She had come all the way from Snowpoint City, only having earned her seventh gym badge the day prior. Sighing, she looked to her side, her Lopunny seeming happy to be back home. How could she mistake such a bright and relaxed smile- it made Bridget feel a bit calmer as the pair began their walk toward the suburbs. It was... peaceful. The setting sun was beginning to sink below the horizon of trees, painting the sky brilliant hues of orange and red and purple. It was much warmer than it was in Snowpoint, and Bridget was far more comfortable with the former climate. The sound of Krickatot's filled what would have otherwise been silence. It really was home.

It didn't take long for Bridget to reach the white, one-story house toward the end of a small neighborhood cul de sac, and a ball of fear sunk into the girl's belly: was everything okay? The phone call she had with her grandmother was brief, but urgent. Anxiety bubbled up under her skin, and it didn't take long for Lopunny to notice. The brown Pokemon frowned, reaching up a fuzzy paw to rest on Bridget's arm. The girl looked down at her partner, and smiled sadly before petting the bunny behind her ears,

"Sorry if I worried you, Bonnie," She mumbled, watching as her Pokemon leaned in closer to provide comfort, "I'm fine, just worried is all... I think... Granny is really sick..." Bridget left it at that before heading forward, up the sidewalk and toward the front door. Giving a few knocks, she watched as a light turned on inside the house, and sure enough, a short, elderly man with kind eyes opened the oaken door,

"Birdie!" He cheered, using an oh-so familiar nickname that caused the girl to brighten up considerably,

"Papa!" She said in turn, not wasting any time in hugging the old man who was indeed her grandfather, "I missed you so much..." She mumbled as she gave her best hug that she could, Lopunny cheering and giving a proud pose.

Bridget's grandfather chuckled warmly, pulling away to ruffle her hair and take a swift look over,
"You two have grown so much since I've last seen you! Quite the pair indeed," he praised.

The girl laughed and pulled Lopunny close, the duo grinning wide, "That's right! We've- w-we've gotten so much stronger! Wait- look at this!" With that, Bridget pulled a case out of her backpack, and opened up the lid to reveal seven sparkling badges. Her grandfather adjusted his glasses and gave a grunt of surprise,

"I can't believe it... Seven badges! Granny is going to be so proud," He noted with a smile, eyebrows upturning to cause his expression to become rather somber. Bridget, too, felt herself growing silent, and she kicked at the ground meekly,

"Yeah... I got her call yesterday- is... everything okay?"

"I... don't know. Your grandmother is a strong woman, Birdie- even in this state, she told me that what she was going to discuss with you is of the utmost privacy."

Utmost privacy rung in Bridget’s head like a bell. What could be so important that not even her own husband could know? It made her feel even more high strung than before as she slowly passed through the doorway and into the humble abode that filled her with butterflies,

“I… I see. She’s in.. bed, right? You a-aren’t letting her move around right? She can be so.. So stubborn sometimes…” the girl murmured reminiscently. Bridget recalled the last time she was sick enough that she had to stay in bed, and least to say, getting her to actually rest was impossible.

“Yes, I had to tie her feet down, though,” Grandpa joked, trying to get the girl to smile, and it seemed to work. Bridget gave a nod of her head before silently tiptoeing through the oh so familiar hallway. The majority of the pictures on the wall depicted a small, chubby girl with a bright smile, bangs, and a Buneary cradled lovingly in her arms, or perhaps an old couple behind her with an equally cheerful expression. There were no pictures of Bridget’s parents however, and for good reason.

Stopping at the end of the corridor, she gulped, a clammy hand reaching out and twisting the brass door knob. Just beyond the wooden entrance was a moderately sized bedroom dimly lit by a, ornate lamp on the nightstand. In the king sized bed covered in many quilts was an old woman, worn with age and riddled with sickness. Bridget’s heart almost stopped when she saw her.

“... G… G-Granny?” She stammered, holding back the urge to burst into tears.

The old woman stirred and open up bleary eyes before a smile crossed her wrinkled veneer,

“Oh Birdie… I’m so glad you came,” She cooed, beckoning her to come closer. Without any hesitation the girl rushed to her bedside, kneeling down with Bonnie jumping onto the edge of the bed and looking distraught,

“L… Lop-Lopun…” The bunny Pokemon croaked, ears drooping.

“And Bonnie too… She’s looking so strong! Haha… ah..” Grandma sighed out, voice nearly disappearing at the end of her sentence. Bridget whimpered.

“Granny… I-”

“Hush child… I’m going to be fine, don’t you worry about me… I’m a tough cookie,” The old woman laughed hoarsely, a warm, shaky hand coming to rest on Bridget’s cheek, “I have something to tell you… s.. Something very very important… something you can’t share with anyone, not even your grandfather,”

Bridget leaned in closer and watched with glimmering cherry eyes as her grandma withdrew a small piece of paper yellowed with age, and held it out for her to take. What was it? Her famous chili recipe? A picture of her mother when she was young? Or even.. A picture of herself?

All questions were answered when she graciously accepted the note and opened it gently. Words- no, a poem…

Deep in the forest, there it lays

Up all night and sleeping all day

Beyond all the thickets, beyond all the brush

There are the waters that no longer rush

A gate of stone will block your way,

A trial of trials to try and make you not stay-

But the power of two, bonded with dreams,

Are destined to find exactly what they seek

Bridget blinked owlishly, lower lip trembling, “Granny this… what does this mean? I.. I-I don’t understand…” She squeaked, a fat tear rolling down her freckled cheek which her grandmother promptly wiped away, “Why are you giving this to me now? What a-are you trying to tell me??”

The old woman coughed, a smile still on her chapped lips, “I’m giving it to you now because you’re ready, Birdie… Do not be afraid… There is something I found a long time ago…” She began, looking up at the ceiling with eyes full of a distant reverie, “When I was about your age… Oh I don’t know, maybe older… I found something in Eterna Forest… Something that truly shocked me… something that wasn’t for my eyes… I’ve kept this a secret for so long, Birdie… But now that you’ve gotten so strong… so wonderful, so kind, so smart… and the bond between you and your Lopunny… I know for sure that it was meant to be…” She sputtered out, hand lowering from the young girl’s cheek, “So go… continue your adventure… get stronger than ever before... find it, darling… I know you can… I know you can... “

Bridget was in shock. So much so, that she had no idea what to say. Instead, she and her Pokemon partner simultaneously threw their arms around her, hugging her close, “I love you Granny… I… I’ll see you soon.”

With that, Bridget and Bonnie slowly stood up and began to leave, paper in hand and questions that needed answering. It was time for their quest to begin.