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Soaring Flame (COMPLETED)

by Lida-TPA

Nikiforos's Birthday Gift (Logo).png
Lida-TPA This was my first time drawing a Charizard so I'm sorry if it's a little bad-

The shading and the flames came out really awesome though!

I've never really drawn non-cartoony fire and I didn't expect that using the Charcoal Rock Soft brush and then the blur brush would work this well! (Krita is such an improvement from the old version of Photoshop I used to use-)

See you later!

PS: I posted the speedpaint on my Youtube *cough* #SubtoLida-TPA *cough*
  1. pluveon
    Is he in... space? :o
    Aug 6, 2019
    Lida-TPA likes this.
  2. RenzFlintrock
    This is awesome! The wings and the tail fire are great! The horns on the head would normally be shorter, but that could depend on the individual.
    Aug 6, 2019
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