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The adventures of Blue and Yuri.: So you know how life works?

by Nyxel

Nyxel Well Its works out like this. sometimes a friend ship can become a lot more than two friends.
it can become a relationship.
Ah so this is the second story to Blue and Yuri to be honest Yuri is very Yuri lol. Ok lets get this story on the road.....

Blue's POV)
I groaned as i woke up, i remembered the big bug type that attacked us and almost ended up killing us. " Yuri?..." I called as i raised my head to look around, i saw Yuri sitting right beside me, curled up to my body "Yuri?" i said again waking her up. The Female Umbreon yawned and she looked at me " What ?" She asked and she got up and jumped down from our hiding spot. I sighed and ran after her , jumping down as well " So where are we going Yuri" I asked out of Curiosity.

Yuri's POV)
I groaned when that Blue Servine woke me up " Hmm Let me think...Maybe the city....you know the one with all the lights and people" i said smiling. Blue almost fell back " What why that city" she asked confused. I just smiled at my only friend " Because people " I said simply as we walked out of the forest and onto the big bridge , we saw People on bikes drive past us and below a bunch of trains and other noisy things drove past.

Ace's POV)
I groaned again, i only had one pokemon but he was quite strong for his size. his name was Zero and he was a Vulpix " Cmon pal" he said as he walked thru the city , he saw a umbreon and Shiny Servine run thru the city into an Alley way. I was surprised that no one saw the shiny and the umbreon both rare indeed. I followed them quickly into the Alley and i smirked when they ran into a dead end.

Blue's POV)
"Yuri! I thought you said you knew where to go " I said with anger in my voice , but that went away when i saw the trainer slowly creep on us "Crap its a trainer" i said quietly and i got ready to battle. Yuri did the same waiting for the trainer to do someone. His pokemon ran forward and used Ember on Me "Ow" she said and she brushed off the pain . The human told his pokemon to attack me and i gasped when the Vulpix tackled me down , "ow ow ow " i said and i gasped in horror when a red and black thing hit my head. Yuri had ran away just in time, she didn't want to leave her friend but she didn't want to serve the same faith as her, so she ran away.

Yuri's POV)
I growled softly as i hide from the trainer, i had jumped down in the sewer and i gagged "eww this is so nasty" I said and i frowned walking thru it until i ame out of it into a river in the woods " yay now i can wash myself" I whispered softly and i washed my fur off in the water "i hope Blue's ok.......i shouldn't have run...she's my best friend " she cried softly

Will Blue be ok? Will Yuri Come back and save her or will Ace Make Blue battle her best friend and make Yuri join his team. who knows come back later to see whats happens.