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So....500 like special... Yay?

by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico 506 likes, huh? Ok then, time I actually celebrate an amount of likes.
500 Like Special:
Alright, this is the first time I've done one of these. So, I'm not sure what to do...I might as well tell you what my time on 'charms has been like:
When I first joined, like many others, I joined because of the trainer card maker(But also because I saw the RPs, and wanted to try them), and the fact that I wanted to be able to view mine on anything BUT my gran's computer. So I made an account, and made my trainer cards(Those ones are all gone now, they were that bad.). It didn't take me long to try the Rp forum out. However, I was an ever dumber guy than I am now, so I, the fool I was, skipped the rules(And the entrance hall and other forums), and opened an RP, I six times posted with no one else, and it got deleted within the first 10 minutes, surprise, surprise. I was annoyed, and decided to look at how others did it. I joined a roleplay(Which would cause the first time my skill wasn't terrible), which later died because the person my characters were battling didn't respond.
I'm still mad at that.
Anyway, around the next big RP I was in, I was a huge fire emblem fan, so I made a roleplay for Fates when it came out. It sucked, but it was my first six page RP. So that's something, ain't it?
At this point, I met the people who I now often roleplay with, such as @Eeveechu151 and @Rohan Kishibe and @GreninjaTrainer013 (Sorry for tagging you guys in this.). So I'm often roleplaying with them now. Later, I made my first not too bad artwork, a picture of grass type Fakemon starter who I thought was pretty good.
Now, I'm a decent Rper, and I have a decent amount of people I consider friends, such as the above mentioned. As well as others now such as @RhythmThief ...
  1. GreninjaTrainer013
    Congrats man!
    Oct 1, 2018
    Fraseandchico likes this.
  2. RhythmThief
    Congrats on 500 likes and hopefully many more to come!
    Sep 30, 2018
    Fraseandchico likes this.