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New Dawn: Snowbound pt 3.

by phoenixacezero

ISCLAIMER: I do not own pokemon, No more heroes, or final fantasy, or Iphone. pokemon belong to gamefreak and Nintendo. Final Fantasy belong to Square Enix. Iphone belong to Apple. All OCs and the plot of this strory belong to me.

Normal pov
The story so far... Phoenix along with the 5 of other guests go on treasure hunt with a Trevor. As the search the church for the chest, Phoenix found the chest key. he then mysteriously gain a vision warning him about the treasure they seek and when they bring the toy chest, Phoenix felt something bad was going to happened. Phoenix tried warn them but is interrupted by Eddie the red robin as he threaten them to hand over the contents of the chest. Phoenix is then ambush and hit with a thunder wave attack by an electabuzz named Val. Eddie took the key from Phoenix and opened the chest , unleashing a force that drag them into the chest. How will they fair with the hell that await them?

Phoenix's POV

???: Open your eyes child.
I hear a voice that sound calm and kind female voice. I open my eyes and see that I'm in a dense fog and standing there in front of me is.. a white chocobo and a black chocobo.

White chocobo: good.
Phoenix: Just where am I?
Black Chocobo: Your in dream. You were knocked unconscious.

I recalled what happened. Eddie kicked me with a shoe with a tranquilizing agent, he took the key and...

Phoenix: The others, they're in trouble. I have to get back to them.
White Chocobo: I time child. Now I guess we should introduce ourselves. I am Doveheart and this *points to the black chocobo.* Is Hawkheart. We are your spirit beasts.
Phoenix: spirit beasts.

I heard about them. Spirit beast are those appear to people selected by the spirits. They guide them to become stronger and are used to help them defeat singetsu, by becoming spirit blades. those that wield such blades are called Spirit Bladers... wait if these guys are spirit beasts then.

Phoenix: So... I'm a Blader.
Doveheart: yes. You were selected to become one.
Hawkheart: But only if we deem you worthy.

That right. A spirit beast must test them.

Phoenix: alright, bring it on
Hawk & Dove: Then let begin.

A brilliant flash blind me. When it fade, I look around to see that I have been teleported to a majestic garden floating among other gardens. The one I was on had giant tree as tall as a skyscraper.

Doveheart: first we will teach you how to purify.
Hawkheart: No to boring. first we will teach him how to fight.
Doveheart: No... we will teach him how to purify
Hawkheart: I say we teach him how to fight like a true blader.
Doveheart: Now listen here you pathetic excuse of a spirit. You know very well than I do that purifying is more important than swing a sword around like a barbarian.
Hawkheart: I think the ages are finally getting to you grandma, cause if you remember we need to fight those blasted thing.
Doveheart: GRANDMA!

I watch as the two of them argue to what to teach me first, which is ridiculous. A spirit blader job is to fight singetsu and help purify the souls, object and person

Phoenix: Hey knock it off. Your both right about what important Listen I know this is important, but I'm afraid that if I remain unconscious for too long, something bad might happened. so please lend me your strength. if you won't, I'll do it myself

They just stare at me for a moment and smile

Doveheart: Very well. We will lend you our assistant.
Hakwheart: But if you should stray too far of the path, we will leave you.
Phoenix: Okay, I just have one question? What element are you guys.
Hawk & Dove: Life elemental.
Phoenix: Thanks for telling me.


I woke up and see Veruca looking over me.

Veruca: he's awake guy!
The group gather around me with concern look on my face. Almost everyone is here, except for Sam and Al

Trevor: Well someone finally woke up.
Phoenix: What happened
Veruca: We were dragged in here by those spirits and we thought we would be through but then, this light came out of nowhere and teleported us to this cave.

I look the cave. It spacious enough to move around, but it a bit cold without fire. Outside seem to be a snow-covered forest and source for natural food is scarce. I close my eyes and sense the aura around the land. Though something off.

Kiki: *scared* How does a toy chest have an entire forest in here.
Phoenix: It not a regular forest.
Veruca: what do you mean?
Phoenix: It some sort of astral plain of existence. It was probably created by those thing that dragged us here through an arkashic point ... now come to think of it, this cave feels different than the aura of those demonic spirit.
Kiki: You mean we're here trapped.
Phoenix: Well there is a way out .

Everybody looked at me with curiosity. well almost everyone.

Marcus: as if someone like you knows how get out of here.

I watch as a Hawkheart materialized in front of me and judging by his facial expression, he not to happy about what Marcus just said. Everyone jumped in surprised.

Marcus: WHAT THE?!

Hawkheart vanishes. Everyone just had their mouth open, stunned at what just happened.

Phoenix: crude, yet it was effective.
Veruca: So your a spirit blader.
Phoenix: yes.
Trevor: so what is the plan?
Phoenix: Well, basically this place was created by those thing that dragged us in the chest. So all we have to do is defeat them. If we do that, We will defiantly get out.

I looked around as everyone face lit up with hope of escaping and at the same time fear. To be honest I can't guarantee that we will all make it out alive.

???: We're back.

I look at the entrance of the cave and see Sam and Al.

Trevor: So did you find anything?

Sam: Yeah. We found a town.

A town. here in a toy chest.
Kiki: For real.
Al: Yes. I suggest that we all go there and asssisissiisisis- ask for help.
Trevor: Then as leader, I say we move out of this dank cave and into a hotel.

Everyone cheered in agreement. though I have a bad feeling about this.

Phoenix: Wait everyone.
Trevor: huh?
Phoenix: I don't think it a good idea to enter that town all at once. Remember we're on another plane of existence that were created by whatever was trapped in that box. For all we know, we could be walking into a trap.
Val: ... good point. Phoenix is it.
Phoenix: yes.
Val: head to the town and check if it safe or not.
Phoenix: Okay.
Sam: I'll guide you.
Phoenix:... Okay, but head back to the cave after we get there.
Sam: *nods*
We grab our stuff and trek through the frozen land.


I see a view of the town from the hill. It seem to be an old Nome pioneer time town. the only thing out of place is a giant ice castle.

Phoenix: Thnaks. now head back.
Sam: Sure... but are you positive you don't need any help.
Phoenix: Don't worry. I can handle myself
Sam: okay. *walks away from phonenix*

I ran to the entrance of town and saw something quite strange.

Phoenix: Are those what I think they are?
Hawkheart: They're probably part of spirit. These type of thing take form reflecting their memory.

In the streets were... were...
Snowman1: Morning Chilly?
Snowman2: Morning Vanilla

Talking Snowmen walking around, but not only that. Snow women, snowchildren, Snowcat, snowdog. This place feel like one those Christmas cartoons I watched with my twin sister when we were young.
???: Hey you there.

A young regal looking girl with red hair came up to me with 2 snowman.

Regal girl: Are you the out of town detective that we called for.
Phoenix: Sorry, but I'm just a traveler Miss...
Bella: Queen Bella.... you will help us?
Phoenix: Sorry, but I can't help you.

As much as fulfilling my desire of being a detective, I doubt I be any big help. Beside I need to go back to get back and continue scouting this town.

Queen Bella: *a menacing red aura form around queen Bella.*
Phoenix: *sense it.*
Queen Bella: I guess you weren't listening the first time. You will help us, whether you like it or not. *snap her finger and a guillotine appear and under the blade was Sam.*

Sam! What he doing here? Plus this queen aura... It was same as one the spirits trapped in the box, which mean she a Singetsu.

Queen Bella: Now then, You will help us find out the who is Frosty the killer. You get it right and we'll lets your friend go. Get It wrong or refuse and we will kill him and throw you in jail for a year.
Phoenix: *growls in anger.*

If I took her on, she could just tell her guards to execute Sam, plus since this her territory, her minions could jump in and prevent me from saving him. My best bet is to go along their twisted game and find out the killer true identity.

Phoenix: What evidences did you find so far?
Queen Bella: All that we know is that the killer used a knife on his victims. Some of the folks say they saw the killer.

She hand me a list with the name of the eyewitness and their location.

List of Wittnesses

  • Pikey, Library
  • Trixy, Magic Shop
  • Marko, exploration shop

Hopefully I can some straight forward testimony and some hard evidence. Of course since when is life ever easy. I'll start off at the library.

Location: Library.

I found my way to the library. It was made entirely out of ice. The statue in near the step front depicted the queen with her arm opened and a warm calm smile on her face. Same with almost every place in this town.
Hawkheart : *Appeared on my left shoulder* Hmph, well someone full of themselves.
Doveheart : *hit Hawkheart on the head with a paper fan.*
Hawkheart : ouch. What was that for wench.
Doveheart : For being an imbecile.

I couldn't help but chuckle as these two stare down. these two acted like a couple straight out of old comedy show.

Phoenix: alright you two that enough. Let go inside and find Pikey.
They went back inside of me. I walked into the and saw miles and miles of books. In the middles of the floor was a giant blue book. I got closer to the book and saw that it was Cinderella. I put my hand on the book.

Where did you get that book.
Someone gave it to me.
I doubt that. You stole that book you little tramp and you know what that mean.
No. not mister knife.

I snap back into reality. That voice, it couldn't been. It sound like the queen, but what was the other voice? I looked back at the book and cautiously open it. Nothing happened. I read the book and saw nothing out of the ordinary, except for the last page with only a pull tag you see in pop-up books . I wonder...

-> Pull tag.
-> Leave it aloneI best leave it alone. For all I know, it could be a trap. I close the book.

???: Excuse me.

I look from the book and see a snowman wearing mahogany and green shirt with square rimmed glasses. On his name tag is the the Pikey. I pull out my Iphone and activated the notes app.

Phoenix: Yes. I was sent here by the queen to question you about the incident. Tell me, what did you witness.
Pikey: very well. I was walking home one, when I saw a in the shadow of the window, a dim silhouette of a someone stabbing one of the victims with a knife. I ran home to get a weapon and try to capture the killer, but the fiend already left the crime scene
Phoenix: *type down his testimony.* Any clue on who it could be the murderer.
Pikey: ... I can think of one.
Phoenix: who?
Pikey: Trixy. I mean she a phony and a who cut kids kids with knives. Plus I think she took something from me yesterday. and hasn't return it ever since.

Something tell me that he is more concern about her punished for taking his whatever she stole, than he is for finding the true culprit. still I best write it down

Pikey's testimony is add to the note section.
He saw the silhouette of the murderer using knife to kill a victim at their house. went home to arm himself.
Pikey: Plus I found this at the crime scene. *pull out a magic wand covered in blood. engraved in gold is the name Trixy.*
Pikey: Well I had to do something. She could of come back to retrieve it. I found it in a freshly spilled pool of the victim blood. Take it with you.

Trixy's magic wand was added into key item slot.A magic wand belonging to Trixy that Pikey found at the crime scene. It covered in blood. I doubt this town has CSI lab.

Phoenix: Anything else I should know.
Pikey: No. that all.
Phoenix: good. Thanks for your cooperation. also please don't take any more evidence from the crime scene.
Pikey: okay. see you again real soon.

I exited the library, and start to think about the evidence Pikey gave me. I best consult with Hawkheart and Doveheart.

Doveheart: What is it child?
Phoenix: Well it about the evidence that guy gave me back there? So do you think he could of forge it?
Hawkheart: Well of course he did! He obviously hate this Trixy character. He probably got a wand and covered it in fake blood. Just throw it away.
Doveheart: Don't be so rash you idiot. It the only clue we have. If it real, we can prosecute to the fullest of the law.
Hawkheart: Don't call me an idiot. I have to agree with Dove here
Phoenix: That make sense. plus if it was forge, Why would he need to forge it, unless it he the culprit.
Hawkheart: Or he was forced by the real one.
Phoenix: Well we're not going to find out anything by standing around. Let's head to the magic shop.

Location : Trixy's Magic shop.
I was gazing at the building before me. A ice building with statue of the queen holding a top hat with rabbit jumping out of it.

Phoenix: I wonder what type of magical items they sell here.
Doveheart: Please tell me your not seriously planning on buying something from here.
Phoenix: No. I'm just curious. This place is a arkashic zone created by a singetsu. It would most likely transform me into a toad.
Doveheart: ... before we enter, maybe it a good idea to teach you some spells.
Phoenix : What kind?
Doveheart : shooting fireballs. It would be useful to know this spell considering this enemy's element.

That right. This whole village is made of snow. If it does ever come to me having to fight, I'll have a slight upper hand if I learn a fire spell.

Phoenix: Alright
Doveheart: Good. Now close your eyes and meditate.

I folded my legs together and meditated. A picture enter my mind and see that I'm back on the floating garden.

Phoenix: I'm back at this place.
Doveheart: of course you are. This is your arkahic zone after all. Now do you see those fruit on that giant tree .
Phoenix: Fruits?

I look upon the tree and see crystal colored fruits hanging on the branches, the sun shining off of them. among them are three magenta fruits.

Phoenix: yeah. What are they?
Hawkheart: These are Fruits of Knowledge . By eating a ripe one, you shall enter into a lesson that will teach you some new skill.
Phoenix: Alright. with all these fruits, I can learn a bunch of skills.
Doveheart: unfourtantely most of those aren't right ripe. only three are ripe. Pick one and eat it.

I grab one of the ripened fruits from it home and take a bite. Why does my mouth feel hot. Is this fruit spicy. No, It not just my mouth. It my entire body feels like it on fire. The world around swirl into a massive whirlpool, changing color. I hate to be the one blader who get motion sickness. The room finished changing and I was standing in a dark room with some candles.

Doveheart: Clear your mind, then picture a flame flickering in your mind. Then try picture on how to project it.

I close my eyes. in my head I see a fire in the darkness. the flame take shape into me shooting fireball from my index finger and my middle finger. I aim for one of the candle with my fingers and a fireball hit the wick lighting it ablaze.

Doveheart: good now. *an aura similar to mine form around the two unlit candles.* now I cast a spell on those two candle. they won't light up unless you can shoot them simultaneously.

That tough, considering how the distance between the two. I best time my shots. I shoot a fireball from my right hand to farthest one from my body, then shot a fireball at the closest one after the first shot got a good enough distance, lighting them at the same time.

Hawkheart: Good! next let try some hand to hand combat with that spell.

The wax from melts into puddles melt and form 3 sturdy humanoid creatures made entirely of wax.

Hawkheart: Next imbed your physical attacks with fire. To do so picture yourself as a living flame.
Phoenix: sound easy enough.

I picture myself as flaming humanoid. I threw a quick jab straight at one of wax creature. It block my attack and did a judo throw me across.

Phoenix: What the?
Hawkheart: by the way, these guys will also be fighting back. Aim for the weak spot. Did you think it was going to be easy?
Phoenix: I shouldn't have let my guard down. *dodges the wax figure1 punch. retaliates with a spin kick to the head knocking it head off. heads melt into a puddle.*
Wax figure1: *grow another head.*
Wax figure2: *throw a jab at phoenix.*
Phoenix: *dodges. grabs and melts off wax figure2 right arm off. toss the arm at the first one*
Wax figure2: *regrows his right arm*

Crap. I need to stay calm. Defeat is only achieve

Wax figure3: *aim at spin kick my head*
Phoenix: *duck and hits the wax figure and hits it's stomach with a flame engulfed force palm.*
Wax figure3: *melt into a puddle.*

It melted after I hit it in the stomach. The heat from that attack wasn't that intense. Could it be that their weak spot. It worth a shot.

Phoenix: *his left foot become engulf in flame and kick the 2nd wax figure in the stomach. braking it in half.*
Wax figure 2: *Resemble itself and punches phoenix in the stomach.*

Or I could be wrong. If it didn't go down after 1 Hit it in it stomach, that mean they all have different weaknesses. Okay think.

Phoenix: * dodging the attacks.*

The one that I punched in the stomach went down while this wax figure didn't go down in one blow. Plus there the fact that the first one down was hit with a weak Burning Palm, so... of course. they have a magical triggering mechanism on different part of their body that cause it to shut down. Now the question is where are they hidden? Maybe if I attack them in different areas, I'll get a hint.

Phoenix: *does a barrage physical fire attacks on the 2 remaining figure.*
Wax figure2: *block a punch from connecting to it forehead.*
Phoenix: bingo. *grab wax figure 2's shoulder blades and melt them off. I then delivers are fire punch to the forehead.*
Wax figure2: *melts into a puddle.*

two down and one to go. I look at the last figure. But something tell me... wait, Hawkheart didn't say I have to hit the weak points physically. It worth a shot. I focus all my aura into a sphere and infused it with the thought of fire.

Phoenix: *fire an huge aura sphere at the middle of wax figure 1's body. scattering it body parts*
Wax figure1: *regenerate. It left arm is missing. it grab the arm and reattach it. *
Phoenix: Hmm... *teleports behinds the last wax figure and breaks off it left arm. I activate my beam katana. I infused the laser based blade with fire and quickly slash the entire arm. The arm melts along with the figure. *

Well. that was fun. I look around me and see the area transform back into the floating garden.

Hawkheart: Impressive.
Doveheart: Bravo young master.
Phoenix: Thanks. On to the next lesson *pluck a fruit of knowledge.*

It took a while but I mange to get it down. Using Electricity to attack was easy, the only problem was the first task involving charging different types of light bulbs. Note to self: Get Phiona to make me gloves that measure the power of my electrical attacks. I also learned that mixing water magic with an made made of laser is a terrible idea. Thanks the spirits that it still works. Of course a certain spirit beast found it amusing.

Doveheart: Now Hawkheart, it not nice to laugh. Sill young master, you shouldn't use a water spell with certain mechanical weapon.
Phoenix: noted. *enter Trixy's magic shop.*

I stop in awe at the sight before me. the shop really did live up to it's name. rabbits were running circle entering a top hat. playing cards were having a ball on a glass table. a pair of gloves were fighting each other with swords. I was so distracted by that I accidentally bump into somebody.

I don't understand. That magician said that if I put my money in the magic bag, I would become rich 3 days. But it didn't happened.... h
I can't believe that kid fell for it.
Yeah. She actually believe that she would be rich if she put it in some lame bag. What an idiot. Yet again I wouldn't expect nothing less from airhead Bella
... I was tricked...
That was Bella's voice again. Why am I hearing her voice inside my mind. I look to see what I bumped into. It was a snow woman wearing purple cape with stars on it. In her stick arm was a bag.

Phoenix: sorry about that.
Snow woman: I'm Trixy. Welcome to my magic shop.
Phoenix: Phoenix Powerdown. I came here to ask you about some questions about the murders.
Trixy: Very well. I'll tell you what I know.
Phoenix: First off tell us what you witness . *pull out his Iphone*
Trixy: Well, I was taking a stroll at night, when I saw this hooded figure silently trailing a someone. I followed them and saw a ghastly of a snowman being stabbed with to death. I rushed back home and called the authority. By the time they arrive, the killer was gone. All they found were the words "Frosty loves to red snow." But I think I know who Frosty really is?
Phoenix: Who?
Trixy: Marko. He a drunk bastard who goes crazy, even at a cough. plus the person that Marko killed was my brother Tommy. They got into a fight cause He conned Marko out of his money.
Phoenix's thought: Conned? Hmm?
Trixy: Plus I found this in one of my brother's jacket pocket. It one of the compass usually carry Marko?
Phoenix's thought: First Pikey, now this chick. It almost like they were hired by the killer or they both are the killer. still I could be wrong. I best take the evident and the testimony and write down. It could be useful.

Trixy's testimony is added to note SectionTrixy saw a hooded figure stab her brother to death. before the victim died, he conned Marko out of some money.Marko's compass was added into key item inventoryA compass that belonging to Marko. It was found Tommy's person. Do these people know that it illegal to take evidence from a crime scene.

Phoenix's thought: I'm sensing a pattern here.
Phoenix: Thanks for your cooperation Trixy
Trixy: Your welcome. I hope you will bring that dreadful criminal to justice.
Phoenix: *leaves*
???: Phoenix.
Phoenix: *turn around and see Sam.* Sam. Your not on the chopping block. How did you escape.
Sam: Well I didn't escape.
Phoenix: Huh?
Sam: well the queen said I don't have to be executed, if I solve the murder with you.
Phoenix: .... I don't need help. Listen this isn't your problem.
Sam: ... Unfortunately, I can't refuse.
Phoenix: ?
Sam: They cast a curse on me. If I leave this town, I'll magically get my head cut off and my soul will be bound here to this place all eternity.
Phoenix: yikes. *focus and Doveheart and Hawkheart materialize.* Is there a way to remove a binding curse.
Doveheart: Well there is, but you still lack some skill to pull it off.
Phoenix: ... Okay same listen. I want you to go to the library and ask anyone some question.
Sam: Okay.
Phoenix: thanks man.
Sam: Umm I'm a hermaphrodite and would like it that you identify myself as girl.
Phoenix: Okay girl. By the way, back at the church when Al found the chest, did he really find it first.
Sam: *nervous laugh.* It was him.
Phoenix: Your a terrible liar. And since the only two people to explore the basement were you and Al, I'm guessing it was you who found it.
Sam: .... *sigh* Your right. I was the one who found the chest first. Al told me that if I told the other that he found the chest first, he would give me a share of the treasure.
Phoenix: Why do you need the money?
Sam: cause, when I was young my life was nothing more than a living hell. Everyone picked on me, labeled freak, my mom's grandparents black sheep her for giving birth to me. Maybe if I get a sex-change or maybe if I kill myself... maybe... maybe *start to cry.*
Phoenix: ... I understand how you feel.
Sam: you do?
Phoenix: back in when I was kid constantly bullied cause of my eyes or my hair.All did was cry, wondering if it would have been best if I wasn't born. One day I realized that I shouldn't let what people's say about my looks get to me.
Sam: Phoenix.
Phoenix: Listen. if you want a sex change go ahead, but remember that all gender have it pro and cons.
Sam: okay. *head to the library.*

Location: Marko's exploration shop.

We made it to Marko's store. It completely looked like something from the early pioneers day. Simple, nothing out of the ordinary, except for the statue of the snowman.

Phoenix's thought: Well this is the last one. All I have to do is ask for Marko's testimony and that it... still why do I have the strange feeling that there more answers here than in the witness testimony.

I searched the place picking up various object. They all seemed like standard gears for explorations: Ropes, flashlights, fruits, canteen, and orbs. i put them back and look at the statue.

Phoenix: maybe that statue hiding *touch the statue.*

I wish I was like Cinderella. I wish a prince would take me away from the pain and live in a village full of snowman. And you would be my best adviser and do whatever I say, Sir Frosty.
Phoenix: ! *look at the plaque under the statue of the snowman. It says " The first snowman: Frosty"
Phoenix's thought: Frosty! Why would I hear queen... Wait.... IDIOT! Why didn't I realize it sooner.... yet again I read it once This is one of the ways a bladers help lost souls. Echos of Memories.

Echos of Memories is an ability spirit bladers that allow them to hear persons memories to get an understanding to what lead them to become a monster in the first place.

???: Can I help you?

I snapped back from my train of thought and saw burly snowman wearing a lumberjack outfit standing in front of me.

Phoenix: Are you Marko?
Marko: Yes, I am Marko, owner of this store. May I help you.
Phoenix: You see...

I explained how I was sent from by Queen Bella to ask everyone on the list about Frosty the killer. I listen as he explained that he saw Pikey getting getting into a fight with his wife at home and killing her with his pen. He then dragged the corpse into the woods and hid it under the library. He then hand me the "murder weapon,". i Decided to keep the pen, but as for the testimony, I just pretend to write it down.

Pikey's? Pen was added to key items inventory
A pen that might belong to Pikey. It might come in handy that it could be useful.

Revolation added to notes: No one on the list is the killer. This is all staged.

Frsoty added to notes: The killer have the same name as the snowman in the flashback.

Phoenix: *left the store.*
Phoenix's thought: Well at least my objective clear now. Tell the queen about her so call killer. But first I got to tell Sam about what I found out. Hopefully h- I mean she didn't jump to conclusion.

Location: Library

???: You?
Phoenix: What ?

Turned back in the direction of the library and saw Queen Bella with a enraged look on her face.

Queen Bella: *Hit me on the head with a fan.*
Phoenix: Ouch! What was that for?
Queen Bella: Easy. You took too long and the killer got another one, *point the to the direction of the corpse,* so do you know who the culprit is?
Phoenix: Does it really matter?
Queen Bella: !
Phoenix: I know that your just playing some twisted demented game to lure me and anyone else into some sort of weird trap.
Queen Bella: .... oh dear, it seem that you have caught me, Well I had my fun.
Phoenix's thought: That was easy... a bit too easy.
Queen Bella: But You might want to take look at this. *whistle*
Snowman butler: *walks holding the Cinderella storybook. He open it to a page.*
Phoenix's thought: Huh. No way. It can't be.... nononononononononononononononononononono!
Phoenix: SAM!

It was Sam. She was trapped. Her outfit looked like a classic ballroom gown and her facial expression was that of a drunk.

Phoenix: LET HER GO!
Queen Bella: Not until you figure out which three is the true culprit is.
Phoenix: True culprit... none of them are and I have proo- *a ominous red mist surround me.*
Doveheart & Hawkheart: *Mange to save of one memory and a half of another memory*
Phoenix's thought: What was I going to say.
Queen Bella: You were going to tell me your guess.
Phoenix's thought: Your kidding right.
Doveheart: {telepathy} Sorry. It seem that she has the ability to erase memories. Gladly it wasn't artificial or you would be in real trouble.
Hawkheart: {Telepathy} We manage to save a few. Just rely on your guts kid.
Phoenix: Right. I'll say this once Ms.Bella. The people on the list aren't the culprit.
Queen Bella: How can you be sure.
Phoenix: Huh? Well uhh...
Queen Bella: Let me refresh your memory. They each told you that one of them who did it, but they all told lies. Meaning one of them did it. so who did it?
-> Trixy
-> Marko
-> Think it through.

Phoenix's thought: I have to trust my memory. I have remember that everyone in the list isn't the killer. think... wait, I remember something. The name of killer... it was the same as the adviser. Still I don't know if she have a adviser name Frosty.
Phoenix: The killer is none other than your adviser Frosty.
Queen Bella: !
Queen Bella's thought: How does he know?
Phoenix's thought: Please let me be right?
Queen Bella: Don't be silly. Frosty wouldn't do that?
Phoenix's thought: I WAS RIGHT!
Phoenix: Your right, unless he was told to do it. *Point at her.* AND YOUR THE ONE THAT TOLD HIM!
Phoenix: Huh? *Turned around around behind me and see Marko. *
Trixy: *appears*First you kill our friends, then you send this poor boy on a goose chase with a slim chance of finding the real culprit.
Pikey: To top it off, You setup traps like the Cinderella book to make sure they failed.

I watched as Marko, Pikey, and Trixy surround her drag her to guillotine. they put her head in the stockade and pull the switch. The blade quickly descended down onto Bella and cut her head clean off her neck. I looked down and notice the Cinderella book and picked it up.

Frosty: *walks in and pickup the crown.* Thank you for solving the crime.
Phoenix: *Suspicious.* Your welcome. Now if you excuse me, I have to go tend to my friends.
Trixy: you know, your a lot nicer than the queen. She wouldn't listen to us and just bossed us around. She was annoying. Anyone in this town would make a better ruler than that whiny child with daddy issue and can get easily fooled. In fact you why don't you become our king.
Phoenix: !
Marko:With you as our king, our kingdom will surely shine.
Pikey: We will follow you to the end of the Earth. We will follow any of your orders, including releasing your friend from there and help your friends . Just think of all the stuff you can accomplish.

-> Accept offer to be king
-> Refuse.

Phoenix's thought: I best refuse. I probably fuck this country up if I become a king.
Queen Bella: {Demonic voice.} Wwwwhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?
Phoenix: Huh? *I looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from and saw that Queen Bella's decapitated body was standing and her head was floating in the air, blood dripping from the neck.*
Queen Bella: {Demonic voice.} Why do call me that?
Frosty: Well if you weren't a weak and lousy queen.
Queen Bella: {Demonic voice} BUT YOU SAID THAT I WAS A GREAT QUEEN!
Frosty: I lied and the only reason I lied was so I wouldn't have to put up with you blubbering like a baby cause that all you are in the end. A pathetic weak baby who can't do anything. *point at directly at me.* So unless you can do better than this guy, we'll gladly obey you.
Queen Bellla: *a demented expression slowly appeared on her face as a menacing red aura wildly swirl around her * {Demonic voice} IF THAT THE CASE, I SHALL SHOW YOU! I SHALL SHOW YOU ALL JUST HOW POWERFUL I AM.

A fierce scream echo out through the town as the red aura quickly covered the town for a brief moment. I looked around and saw that the beautiful village was now turned into something straight out nightmarish rpg horror game. All the building were decayed, the sky turned blood red, the street was void of life, the statue of regal Bella were replaced of one of her withering in agony and the once gorgeous ice castle was broken.

???: Tee hee.
Phoenix: *I looked up and saw on the castle and saw a giant human head crawled from behind the building. It legs were spider like and made of ice. It face had a demented smile and it skin look similar to that of a corpse of a person who had frozen to death. It eyes were black with a glowing purple spot in the middle as they stare at me. On top of it mangled red hair was a pale dirty grey-yellow flowing dress with a few red splotches and an eye on the bottom of it dress.*

Beheaded Queen: Bella's desire demonic form.

eheaded Queen: *The dress part of it pointed it arm at me and fire a shard of ice at me.*
Phoenix: *I quickly dodge and put the book away.*
Beheaded Queen: Come forth my royal subjects.

I watched as the street filled with several red miasmas and form into different type of monsters. They headed toward me.

Hawkheart: {Telepathy.} Look like your going to need our help.
Doveheart: {telepathy.} focus your spiritual energy and say these words.

words materialized inside my mind.

Phoenix: *I focus my spiritual energy.* Rise from the ashes and spread your wings. Come forth, GRAVE PHOENIX!

A fierce magenta aura surge around, as something take form in my the palm of hand, a the aura die down, I look at my hand and see a sword. It blade was formed of to angelic like wings. The front was black wing and the behind it was a white wing, it hilt looked like a phoenix and handle was red and yellow.

Phoenix: so this is my spirit blade.... Awesome.
Hawkheart: {telepathy) Duck.
Phoenix: huh? *notice a snow demon swinging it claws at me.* WHOA *duck. *
Doveheart: {Telepathy} Listen. A spirit blade is only good if the blader is in sync with their partner.
Phoenix: Got it.

We cut our way through the hoard of monsters.It was easy to take care of the shades. The Snow demons were bit tough to take on. Thanks goodness I learned a fire spell before entering the battle. The flying daggers' speed made it difficult to hit, so I had to wait until an opening for a counterattack.

Beheaded Queen: *sigh* If you want something done, better do it yourself. *jump from the tower and landed in front of me.*

Battle PoV

Beheaded Queen: Now it time for the valiant hero of the story to slay the foul beast.
Phoenix: Agree. *tighten his grip.*
Beheaded Queen spider: *Throw a quick slash at Phoenix.*
Phoenix: *Dodges and shoot a fire ball at her torso crown.*
Beheaded Queen spider: *dodges quickly.* Miss me, miss me, now you got to die.
Beheaded Queen crown: *The torso crown Shoot a shard of ICE.*
Phoenix: *dodge and shoot a fire ball at the head. it does little damage*
Beheaded queen spider: * slash phoenix's right leg.*
Phoenix: *wince in pain.*
Beheaded Queen spider: Let replace your head ! *throw another slash at phoenix.*
Phoenix: *teleports.*
Beheaded Queen: HUH?!
Phoenix: *appear behind her.*
Phoenix's thought: got end this quickly.
Phoenix: *study Beheaded Queen's body structure.*
Phoenix's thought: Her legs are the only thing supporting her and torso seem to be frail. Still just shooting fireballs out of the question. So best go in head on.
Phoenix: *He quickly heal himself and rushes at her. He engulf Grave Phoenix in flame and ground uppercut her one left leg and melts it. he then grab on to the next one cut with the searing slash. Shoot a bunch of fireball at the last left leg and melt it.*
Beheaded Queen spider: *Let out loud shriek of pain as falls to the ground.*
Phoenix: *jump toward for the torso.*
Beheaded Queen crown: *produce a flying dagger and throw it at Phoenix.*
Phoenix: *Uses psychic to stop it. He engulf Grave Phoenix in flames and deliver a powerful blow, slashing the body in half.*
Beheaded Queen: *roars in pain. A red miasma seep from the body.*
Phoenix: *stand back.*

Battle over
Phoenix's Pov

I watch as the red miasma engulf the corpse and the town around me collapse due to the defeat of it queen. As the miasma clear I see a small girl wearing regular cloths. there a huge cut around her neck with an enraged look on her face. Sam pop out of the book.

Bella: Why can't I have a happy ending. Maybe I'm just destined to get beaten up. Maybe I should accept my fate.
Sam: No your wrong.
Bella: Huh?
Phoenix: no one deserved to be treated like that. Plus I doubt everyone treated you like that.
Bella: *depressed.* My dad treated me like shit, I was tricked by the kids in the orphanage, and I was killed and no cared that I died. NAME ONE PERSON! JU-just one person
Phoenix: ... Who gave you the Cinderella book.
Bella: A fancy roserade lady. She was reading the book and I was curious what it was. She read it to me and when I ask her to read it again, she gave it to me. But still in the end... Why couldn't I live like Cinderella.
Sam: You were treated as if you were a nothing more than a mistake. I know how you feel. Since I was young, bullies picked on me and my grandparents saw me as a disgrace. I even wanted to have a sex change or kill myself. *Hug Bella.* Maybe if we met while you were alive, maybe I could of took you away from troubles and try to give you a life of a princess.
Bella: *Start crying.* I'm sorry. I'm ssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
Phoenix: It okay. Just how did you die.
Bella: Well me and three girls went to the church to play. While playing we saw a strange hooded person enter. We decided to play a prank by dressing up as a monster and scaring up him. The arm, Cookie was the legs, and Gwen was the head. After that, all I remember was a sharp pain in my neck and waking up in a dark place. Later on I heard a met a strange figure that told me that I can be a princess of my own place if I accept it help. It also told me if that I have to trick whoever alive to solve a mystery and get them to fail. *bows.* Thank you for solving the crime and showing me the error of my ways. *turn into a ball of light. Below the ball of light is a crystal shard with a menacing aura.*
Doveheart: grab that crystal Phoenix. That a soul dew

A soul dew. A crystal containing the essence of sins, desire and holy energy. If left alone, it can cause some troubles.

Phoenix: *pick it up.*
Doveheart: now, focus on a calm image, feel the aura of that image and transfer it into the soul dew.

I closed my eyes and picture a me, my sister and our adopted mother watching a Christmas special. I felt an aura surge through my hand and felt the crystal vanish.

Doveheart: Congrats. You manage to purify a soul dew. Whenever you purify one, You can gain a new skill. Go to your knowledge tree when you want to gain a new skill.
Bella: Please save the other mister blader.
Phoenix: I will.

Location: snowfield.

Me and Sam trekked through the snow looking heading to the cave. We then saw Veruca lying in the snow.

Phoenix & Sam: Veruca.

We ran up to her to see if she was okay. It was only then that we notice that Veruca had a hole in her stomach. I felt frozen as our blood and stood their silent. The silence was broken by Sam, who let out one sound.


Snowbound ch.1 beheaded Cinderella- Clear.

To be continued
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