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snowbound pt 3 status and stuff.

by phoenixacezero

Phoenix -human- Alive
Trevor - lion- ???
Kiki- cat-???
Al- lizard- ???
Veruca- kangaroo- dead
Marcus- goat- ???
Josh- golden retever/mouse -???
Eddie- red robin- ???
Val- electabuzz -???
Sam- bat- alive.

Singetsu remaining: 2

Bonus stuff cause why not

1. The original story for snowbound was that of something based off my dream Phoenix gained his blader power and then teleport to the canada in a power rangers fashion and bust children slave ring, but that was abadoned cause the dream was short and too straight forward.
2. Sam's gender was a why not. But now I have to go back and edit.
3. hawkheart would be consider the oldest of character cause he the first to came to me in a dream. His counterpart Doveheart soon follow after.
4. Is Veruca's death. Originally everyone except the bad guy were supposed to die, but then I thought, it be too boring. So expect future character's death.