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snowbound pt. 3 intermission

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Archives, interactive. Talk to the character by entering a reply to advance the story.
{you are teleported into a room surrounded by Moseic room. There standing there is a Blue haired woman wearing a rainbow colored butterfly broach.}

Mysterious woman: So you made it. Good.

>You ask who she is?

Mysterious woman: take guess.

> Insert the woman's name . {default name Dora}

Dora: very well. As you know there a story going on. In this story there are options. these options determine what fate awaits Phoenix. Here an example *produce three different colored apple.* only one of these apples is okay to eat, while the other two contain a terrible fate. Please choose.

> eat the black apple
> eat the dark brown apple
> eat the red apple