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New Dawn: Snowbound pt 1

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Arts of Souls series
Book 1: New Dawn
Arc1- Snowbound
Tv-14, pyschological horror.drama
I look outside the window and watch as the snow cover the landscape of Toronto in a pure white blanket. for some it part of their everyday life and they don't stop to appreciate the beauty of nature.For other it can bring some hate due to common reason and personal reason. But like people like me it like finding diamonds. Rare. An absolute beauty of nature that and is like all beings, unique and different. but it also also hide a mystery buried underneath

"Yo Kid." I turn my head in the direction of where the voice is coming from. Standing there was an grey male lion with a brown spiky wearing a yellow ski jacket and blue pants. It was Trevor Steelo. "sweet party huh?" He look at me with a smile. "Yeah." I said with fake enthusiasm as i try not to throw up from the foul scent of booze wafting from his breath . Don't get me wrong, the party is grand it just... the party was for this guy. I seen this guy a couple a time at the bar before. this guy was asshole. he dated women, hot sexy one who were naive to his true nature. Trevor dated them so he could have sex with them. After he had his fun, he break-up with them, saying "that it will never work between us, we're too different". translation: 'I found someone more hotter than you and dumping you for her.' the guy blatantly disregard of their feeling. I only here at this party came to this party to warn his next victim, some girl named Kiki I overheard him brag about at the bar., maybe watch as he get kicked in the nuts. A sly grin appear on his face, "too bad your sister couldn't make it, would have made one hell of a party." I give him an ice cold death glare. that how i got here. My sister was the one who got invited to this party. I'm only here because of My sister was swamped with some requests. She the one who gave me the invite, said i need to socialize more, not that i need it. I took out the invite and read what it said: 'If you received this, you are a lucky bastards. you and eight other people are invited to Toronto, Canada for my 25th birthday. it begin at 4:30 PM. Private limo will take you to the cabin. At 6:00 PM when the real excitement will begin. what it is will separate the adults from the children. P.S: Bring booze.' I Check my sport watch. On it say 5:50 PM. I looked around the cabin. Though i despised the guy, i have to admit the cabin did have a rustic charm to it and the location did have a beautiful view of the woods of Toronto. I took open one of the door. inside the room was a mahogany queen-size bed with red silk bed sheets and a stone fireplace. the area around the fire place is made of made of a different material of that of the polished wooden floor. "Nice." Quickly notice a female kangaroo anthro in the middle of the floor, she seem a bit mousy looking with a B-cup. she was wearing pink ski pants and blue long sleeve sweater. she seem to be looking for something. "Umm excuse me miss." she turn around and look directly at me with her forest green eyes. "Hey." she said with an British accent. "who are you" I asked her. "I'm Veruca Tailorson. who might you be?" i introduce myself "I'm Phoenix Powerdown. so what are you looking for?" she let out a sad sigh, "I was jumping on the bed and my glasses fell off." I gave her a sympathetic look "that suck. here let me help you." I close my eyes. 'I need to first focus on her aura. hmm. her aura is lavender.... found them' i walk over to the left side of the bed and looked . i found a pair of green squared glasses. the the lens seem to be cracked from the impact of the fall. "yo, are these what your looking for." I showed her the glasses. A smile appear on her face. "Yes, where did you find them?" "found them on the side of the bed." I point to where i found them,"they got cracked." a tiny frown appear on her face. " oh. well thanks for finding them." "your welcome" I bow to her. I leave the room as and continue to my search doubling my effort. my mind began to wonder why Trevor invited Veruca. "Did he invite her because he in case he failed to smooth talk Kiki or did he already have his 'fun' and already began planning to bag that girl. i mean she was kinda cute due to her petite size and those glasses did bring out her eyes, plus she did had a nice rack, so that could be a possi- " my train of thought was interrupted by an agonizing groan coming from one of the rooms. I opened the door to the room gasped in horror at the sight at the sight i wittiness. In the middle of the room was a husky green lizard. His left eye was blacken, the bottom part of hi mouth was split and blood was leaking from it and and his clothes were a mess. "Hey man, are you okay!" i ran up to him. "ugh." he let out a groan and looked at me. "P-please d-don't hurt me." as he reeled back from me in fear. I gently put my hand on his shoulder "calm down. I'm not going to hurt you." I close my eyes and began to heal his injuries with my aura. "Tell me, who did this to you." His body began to tremble. "J-J-Josh and M-M-Marcus. They came in and start making fun of me b-b-because of how i talked. I got m-m-m-mad and try to punch one of them, b-b-but i failed and they g-g-g-ganged up on me." i felt a my blood started to boil. They harassed him for being different.


He didn't do anything to them, yet....

Your a kid? more like an midget old man!

They decide to just come in and...

Your eyes are creepy looking. No wonder no one adopted you yet. I bet his parents left him because they didn't want a monster.

Just treated him like trash.
"what your name?" I asked him. He looked at me studying my expression. "Alexander D-D-
Dartson, but my friends call me Al." I smile at him "Good to know, now tell me, what did they look like?" he started to tell me what they look like. As I healed him one thing echoed through my mind and that they were going to pay.

To be continued