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Snowbound intro

by phoenixacezero

Today, I'm go to tell you 2 stories. The first story has been warped too many times over the
year. this is the one of those version

Once upon a time, there were three girls.
The oldest girl, love to frolic and hated being told what to do. in the and spent her day not only building snowmen, but beautiful snow women, cute snow dog, fluffy snow cats and pretend to be a queen. but in the end the cruel sun would take them away the life of the servants she made and leave her alone.
The second girl was born with a warrior spirit and no one could rival her in a the Arctic terrain, but overtime, her reputation of being a merciless barbarian with a foul temper spread and her allies left her and enemies steer clear. In the end she cried out in anger.
The youngest girl was ballerina who loved attention, but hated to share the stage with anybody and throw a tantrum when that happened. In the end, she became elusive.
One day during a fierce blizzard, the girls went out to play...
The first girl became queen of a village of snowmen but refused to listen to her people needs and was decapitated.
The second girl joined an army of ice warriors and became general . her career ended when was shot in the eye with an icicle.
The third became a famous ballerina which the fairies loved, but due to there demand for more excitement, she fell through the thin ice and drowned.

The second story is about a boy, who gets involved with this tragic story. Find the connections and the true story will be told.