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snowbound: bad end 3A

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Choose Pikey
Snowbound pt 3
-> Pikey

Phoenix: I guess Pikey.
Queen Bella: So that your answer. hahahaHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Pikey: *appear before me and slowly melts releasing a red mist as it surrounds me.*
Doveheart & Hawkheart: PHOENIX!


Location: Library
Phoenix's POV

My name is Pikey. I'm a Librarian with white grey and black hair and a red tear marking my left eyes. I used to live an ordinary life like everyone in our kingdom ruled by our fair Queen Bella... well until I committed a crime and ended up cursed.

Phoenix: *chasing some winged knives out.* Get out the library you fiends.

Day in and day out, I chase away the vile knives with wings, who constantly rip the books to shreds.

Flying Dagger1: *stabs me in the shoulders.*
Flying dagger2: *Stabs me in the knees*
Phoenix: AH!

To top it off they stab me.

Flying Dagger3: *stabs me in my right eye.*

The one place they like to do.

Flying dagger4: *Stab me in my left eye.*

They go for the eyes...

Flying Dagger 3 & 4: *rip his eyes out.*

and rip my eyes out.

[{Bad end 3A: Wrong Snowman (Pikey)}]

I'm just an ordinary librarian living an eternal nightmare for his crime. Please, Kill me.